BIG SECRET. On the example of trading pairs XLM/USD + BTC/USD.

BITTREX:XLMUSD   Lumen / US Dollar
People who believe they know everything, even that which they cannot know. For those whose intelligence level is below average, I ask you to pass by, as your super intelligence will not be able to understand this information. And this, in turn, can lead to failures in your know-it-all zombie algorithm.

In this teaching idea, I will consider 2 topics that are very interconnected:
1) the language of numbers (I will give an understanding and direction of the search).
2) interconnected trading on trading pairs BTC / USD + "altcoin / BTC", "altcoin / USD"

Examples are taken from my real work on bitcoin and XLM which I published on this site or, to a greater extent, in my SpartaBTC telegram channel.
1) LANGUAGE OF NUMBERS. This information is not for beginners in trading, nor for believers in the randomness of price movements in the market.

It’s not the understanding of people that they really do not affect the price movement, but are just fuel in someone else’s game, which just makes them this fuel for movement.

In these trading pairs XLM / USD, XLM / BTC , BTC / USD, as in all liquid pairs of any markets, the language of numbers is used. Partially, I showed it on the chart. On the chart, pay attention to the series of pumps and dumps in the downstream channels on the XLM / USD and BTC / USD pair. Please pay attention to the number of lows and highs, the intervals between them, the percentage of growth and fall in prices. Dates of the months.

For all these price movements on the chart, I have trading ideas and updates in them on this work with the trading tool. Which will be shown below. Please note how bitcoin lags significantly behind the profit of the XLM / USD pair, I also ask you to pay attention to the main price movements in these pairs and what time lags are between the highs and lows of these pairs.

Once again I repeat this is a very complex, but accurate and highly profitable work. If you are new to trading or wanting to quickly “earn” money without understanding the work, this is not for you. Your mission will then work on the other side of the market giving money to more intelligent and experienced traders. Sorry for the directness, but this is the bare truth. Who works and eats like that.

BTC/USD Downward trading channel.

Please do not confuse with various options numerology, crypto paging, crypto "insider for the crowd" and other methods that are promoted on the Internet for the crowd: "Secret to all the fools of this world."

In cryptocurrencies, this is often “communication” for an agreed price direction. Used in high and medium liquid instruments when the price is managed by a small group of people or even one person who uses this method to look for smart people with big money “without personality”. It is possible to say the rules of the road so that some large car does not damage the overall planned movement.

These are not numbers like 666, 777, 21 33, 68 and the like crypto paging. The deceived low-intellectual crowd really believed that they received from YouTube bloggers the secret of “whales of the market” - “information on the secret - to the whole world”.

I think who in trading not only adapted to the price, but also controlled the price, understands that there are no random large price movements in the market.

Initially, numbers are given on the market by a signal (for example, a large order that stops further price changes) to draw attention. It is like a red traffic light. This signal is often noticed by ordinary users.

But you also need to take into account that this first simple stage of signaling can indulge in simple market participants "without weight." This is especially true for trading instruments with low liquidity. As a rule, people who do this are far from understanding the meaning of this work and this knowledge. Do not confuse what is desired with reality.

As a rule, a huge warrant for a very large amount cannot be a pampering of a hamster, as he cannot have money for putting it up. But buying / selling on a trifle can be pampering.

Irreplaceable, and over all centuries effective management tools are the superiority of intelligence over the majority and manipulation with the help of lower animal instincts, such as fear of self-preservation and human greed.

As an option of the first stage, there may be a wall or automatic buyback / sale according to a certain gradation of numbers, for example, like the numbers indicated above. But once again I emphasize, this is only to attract attention. Then comes a certain “response” from other major market participants, only with a multitude of sets of numbers with fractions, each figure carries a meaning. A simple user will never be able to distinguish this from ordinary purchases / sales that are made on the market.

The "answer" goes until then, constantly changing numbers for mimicry, but leaving their semantic meaning until there is an answer from the one who gave the first signal. Many different, for example, executed orders can carry the essence of a whole text of information according to certain rules "without mess" and ambiguity. There can be no deception in future actions, just as the poor do not play such games. There are certain rules that are never violated by certain groups of people.

The more a majority plays according to the rules imposed by a minority, the more it loses money. Consequently, a minority earns. Due to the huge number of small players with a small percentage of money, a small number of players earn a large percentage of money.

All the seemingly “knocked out” numbers from the logic in price or in time, in fact, they carry information about future potential movement. If you do not understand logic, then this does not mean that it is not there.

I emphasize that 90% of the information always goes in orders, algorithms for placing orders and the history of purchases / sales. Nonrandom numbers which carry information how it will be shaved with a high degree of probability a herd of "vango" and zombie TA in the near future. I emphasize that no one can know the exact future, not even the group of people who create it. There is only intention.

The exceptions are naturally hamsters, and more cunning hamsters that sell accurate signals to more naive hamsters. These people know everything in advance, and very precisely by their conviction. As a rule, the more flawed the hamster, the more he knows the future for sure, and wants his “personality picture” to be noticed for self-assertion on the anonymous Internet. Indeed, according to probability theory there is always a 50% chance to guess. Paradoxically, they even know what those or other people who really have weight in the market have not yet decided to do. I’ll cover this topic more in my telegram channel SpartaBTC.
2) interconnected trading on trading pairs BTC / USD + "altcoin / BTC", "altcoin / USD" ( XLM / USD), "altcoin / BTC" ( XLM / BTC ).

Examples are taken from my real work on bitcoin and XLM which I published on this site or, to a greater extent, in my SpartaBTC telegram channel.

The total profit at the moment for a cycle of 213 days for this pair is:

1) + 156% (long).
2) + 68% (short).
3) + 102% (long).
4) + 68% (short).
5) + 156% (long).

Profit more as a given pair of XLM / USD was traded in conjunction with a pair of BTC / USD asynchronous arbitrage.
Showed a downward channel with cycles at the top of the article.
Also, in part to diversify risks and spread the position, an XLM / BTC pair was also used.
I will attach all trading ideas with real work below in the article with these take profits.

Let me remind you that it is not possible to correct or change anything on this site after the publication of a trading idea.
It is also not possible to delete trading ideas.
Consequently, fraudulent actions are not possible to do, for this reason, “signalmen” from telegram channels and “super traders” who sell training courses “do not take root here. How is all their“ real ”work and knowledge come to the surface.

Whoever doesn’t know, I don’t have “signals”, “VIP channels”, training, paid advertising, paid articles, pumps for poor hamsters, trust management, crypto-scam projects and other heresies for naive stupid hamsters.
I generally do not make money on the provision of information. 99% of people don’t understand my motives, because we are different from the very beginning. All that I give is freely available, without forgery.

Let me remind you this is not information from books on TA. How about this is not customary to talk about. After all, TA zombies must memorize information for cloned actions on the market according to the rules. To understand the work about which I will tell not everyone is destined. And whoever understands will not dare to do this because of self-doubt or lack of a certain amount.

 Although this strategy can be used without price management, but with adaptation to the "market" (actions of large players). Below the TOP 50 on the coenmarket, when you set a certain weight for a position (as a rule, it is 20-30% of the turnover of exchanges, not of the entire network, namely real trading of exchanges), you can completely control the price.

We divide the process of working BTC / USD + "altcoin / USD" ( XLM / USD), "altcoin / BTC" ( XLM / BTC ) into several stages for clarity.


Maximum + minimum price. Our trading tools are moving towards their opposite goals (ideal). It may just be with a significant percentage gap.
Here is an example, a person has a position of 20-30% of the viola network. This usually corresponds to 40-50% of exchanges. Trading is conducted on 2-3 liquid exchanges and about 5-10 little liquid exchanges (to direct the pace of movement up / down).

It is important to have 2-3 low-liquid exchanges for the direction of price and pace movement. It is also very important to show the peak values ​​of highs / lows on them for display in the before strong up / down movements depending on the goals.

On liquid, the trading volume , for example, is 50 BTC / day, which corresponds to real trading around 4-5 BTC , or even less

For example, a person takes profit of BTC / USD with a profit of about + 40% of the movement of BTC . By averaging at important local levels, we allow a net profit of + 25-30% to its open position, and this is without margin. We trade in large amounts exclusively without various even minimal risks. Bitcoin trading is similarly conducted on 2-3 liquid exchanges. Let's say with profit on this position he got 30-50 BTC . I repeat again without margin! Greed - creates poverty.

Liquidity BTC / USD this allows you to do a bistro without wasting time on the sale. And most importantly, the BTC / USD pair so that the money does not lie idle for a certain period, when the reverse process for your financial instruments is going on somewhere.

Be flexible and smart, calculate in trading all your and other options for action in advance.


Stage 2 occurred with stage 1 at the same time. Drawing on a chart by working with the direction of the price of a bearish pattern in viola. Dump. Meanwhile, when a trader is waiting for his goals for the BTC / USD pair, he pressed the price down on liquid exchanges with his altcoin position (30% of the network), and made the final “assassination of faith”.

When most of the position on the BTC / USD pair was reset (not all, BTC is needed to strengthen the exchange order book and movement in the altcoin / BTC pair), BTC is already at a local maximum. And the opposite situation is that its altcoin is near the local minimum, at the final stage of the formation of a bearish pattern (for example, a downward wedge or horizontal channel-bottom).

The crowd sees this pattern on the price chart. Everyone knows that from these zones, if support is confirmed, there will be at least a local trend reversal, and possibly a reversal of the main trend.

What do you think, what could happen if, for example, you transfer money for strengthening the order book on the exchange 5-10 times more into the altcoin trading instrument with the current 4-5 BTC / day trading volume (fake 40-50)? And also remove the wall orders that crushed the price and formed a bear formation? At such a moment, a “panic buy” begins, you only need to start the process, because everyone has one faith and understanding thanks to TA.

The behavior of the trader in the market is the result of his thinking. Who understands the thinking of the majority, will be able to turn it against them. This is not magic. This is the level of intelligence.

Your way of thinking affects your habits, and your habits are basically what makes money or loses it in the market.


Breakthrough of resistance and the first movement. And only at the first stage of the price movement do you burn some money to start the process. Then just comes the support of the movement and the faith of the crowd “what should be” according to the rules of the TA of the crowd. And instead of the potential profit for the BTC / USD pair another 5-15%, you get + 40-60% on altcoin, from which, net profit can be more than + 30-50%. Instead of 5-15%, if you were waiting for the maximums on BTC .

People are afraid to buy cheap, they buy expensive. The higher the price, the more willing they are to shop. The high price creates the illusion of a safe purchase.


Trend development. Then, according to your cryptocurrency, a local trend develops. The blind faith of the crowd in the TA rules without understanding (this is absolutely on all assets and all markets) will do their job and the next profit by averaging will already be more than + 60%.

Also, the development of trends, for example, local altos, is faster than on the BTC / USD pair, this is a refined mechanism. At a time when bitcoin reaches local highs and starts among the traders and the main crowd for some time, “doubts” - where the price goes - the main thing is to have time to sell out most of your position in alt (where the trend is developing fast), before From the maximum of btc / usd, the price will go down to -30%, and it will be completely clear that the local trend of bitcoin has unfolded.

Be less greedy than other market participants and as a result will be much richer.


Trend reversal or transition to the main trend. Then the remaining position of the altcoin ( 20-30%), you begin to lower the price on your altcoin down, for a new repetition of the process. Part of the profit is thrown back to local BTC / USD movements, while your one of the main earning tools “plunges”, then again accumulates and “kills the faith”.

Somewhere the rules of technical analysis work, and somewhere they work only because someone allows them to work. Playing along with the crowd in what she believes.

If, for example, BTC / USD does not "plunge" - the price on the viola rises. Then it will be more profitable for you to continue the upward movement along your altcoin. You need to work from a situation that is being created, which will be more profitable. Nobody knows the future, even the one who creates it. Only the "oil" of the lowest order knows the future, on the crypto slang - "hamsters".

Never argue with a fool. Otherwise, you have to get to his level, where he will crush you with his experience! People want to see what they want to see, not what they really are.

The above described process of working on an XLM coin for more than half a year.

XLM / USD downward trading. Pivot points . Nov 7, 2019

The result of November 12 is a squeeze for a breakdown of the resistance of the downward channel and a dump to the indicated zone of the future price reversal. + 68% (short).

XLM ( Stellar ) /USD Downstream channel. Work on a coin. Jan 5, 2020.

The result of January 13 (12) + 104%

Result March 14 (12) U-turn from the indicated important zone to the bottom of the channel -67% (short work) + new entry point of the price reversal.

The result is now April 30 + 160% of the last entry zone.

XLM / BTC Work in the accumulation channel. Step 58%. Mar 29, 2020.

Result April 29, 2019. + 55% Take profit of work in the channel is reached.

The total profit at the moment for a cycle of 213 days for this pair is:

1) + 156% (long).
2) + 68% (short).
3) + 102% (long).
4) + 68% (short).
5) + 156% (long).

Below under this article in fixed ideas, I have attached a lot of my teaching previous ideas, which are available on the Internet.

More information in my telegram channel SpartaBTC

Your first enemy is a lack of experience and knowledge.
Your second enemy is greed and a sense of lost profits.
Pump up your brain and skills.
Comment: A symmetrical triangle has formed at the top of the local trend. 50/50 Price has shrunk. Soon the denouement of the situation.
Trade closed: target reached: + 23% from the day before yesterday. If the price consolidates above the line of the main downtrend, there will be a reversal of the main trend. Goals on the chart.
Comment: There is a breakthrough of the main downtrend line. Large volume of the buyer.
Possible reversal of the main trend. Since the breakthrough + 30%

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