Bullish Divergence on 1 day XRP/BTC

MisterCatt Updated   

This would be short update for XRP/ BTC from my previous chart update i mention there will be an possible of divergence in the progress of the downside of price action..

This was been drawn from 23 april 2019... which i predict of some kind bullish divergence would formed with red color line.

Let's see the recent chart..

Nice form of bullish divergence is appear, but dont get to exited yet as we will find out if this could be a trend change in within next 1 - 2 months. and if this do plays out well.. it must be accompany with a great ammount of volume too..
please feel free to share what your thought and please do take this idea as grain of salt..

Is this going to be play out well?? we will see..
Comment: seems there's no bullish divergence play out for xrp/btc... as the price in satoshi level keeps going down as btc price is still going up.
i'm still stick with this chart for xrp/btc