Don't Trust It, Ripple Can Be Very Unforgiving

Just as I used to say that when XRP goes, it goes... The same is true the other way around.

If you think it has done correcting don't trust it, it can go way lower.

Remember that XRP has trillions of coins if I am not mistaken and the owners are always selling like there is no tomorrow.

Whatever situation (bad press) they are having, plus the earlier airdrop is an opportunity to sell even more.

There is likely to be some short-term/small bounces, but even higher chances of more red, more and more and more.

Stay out completely until the dust settles, there are many more options, that's why we have thousands of coins.

If one goes bad, no need to indulge in the extra risk, wait it out, see what happens, and after everything is said and done one can consider it once more.

As things are now, it is better to play the safer, more stable, ALT-coins.

This is not financial advice.

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