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Major, minor, exotic, European, Asian and other currency pairs are available on this page. They are sorted in alphabetical order. Scroll down to see the complete list of currency pairs. You may find the ones that you’ve never heard about before. This is your go-to page to find any currency pair that you can think of. Simply type your desired FX symbol in the search box.

AEDAUD U.a.e. Dirham / Australian Dollar 0.34-0.30%-0.000.340.340.340.34Sell
AEDCAD U.a.e. Dirham / Canadian Dollar 0.34-0.36%-0.000.340.340.340.34Sell
AEDCHF U.a.e. Dirham / Swiss Franc 0.26-0.21%-
AEDEUR U.a.e. Dirham / Euro 0.22-0.22%-
AEDGBP U.a.e. Dirham / British Pound 0.19-0.70%-
AEDHKD U.a.e. Dirham / Hong Kong Dollar 2.120.03%
AEDINR U.a.e. Dirham / Indian Rupee 17.340.06%0.0117.3417.4417.3717.32Sell
AEDJPY U.a.e. Dirham / Japanese Yen 30.150.03%0.0130.1530.2030.1730.07Sell
AEDKRW U.a.e. Dirham / South Korean Won 290.220.07%0.20290.22291.22290.85289.66Sell
AEDKWD U.a.e. Dirham / Kuwaiti Dinar 0.080.04%
AEDLKR U.a.e. Dirham / Sri Lankan Rupee 41.860.02%0.0141.8641.9641.8841.86Buy
AEDMAD U.a.e. Dirham / Moroccan Dirham 2.51-0.14%-0.002.512.522.512.51Sell
AEDMUR U.a.e. Dirham / Mauritanian Rupee 9.030.01% Sell
AEDNOK U.a.e. Dirham / Norwegian Krone 2.14-0.02%-
AEDNZD U.a.e. Dirham / New Zealand Dollar 0.37-0.60%-0.000.370.370.370.37Sell
AEDOMR U.a.e. Dirham / Omani Rial 0.10-0.14%- Sell
AEDPKR U.a.e. Dirham / Pakistani Rupee 30.080.11%0.0330.0830.1330.1330.05Buy
AEDQAR U.a.e. Dirham / Qatari Rial 0.99-0.63%-0.010.991.000.990.99Sell
AEDSAR U.a.e. Dirham / Saudi Arabian Riyal 1.02-0.01%-
AEDSEK U.a.e. Dirham / Swedish Krona 2.18-0.16%-
AEDSGD U.a.e. Dirham / Singapore Dollar 0.36-0.12%-0.000.360.360.360.36Sell
AEDTRY U.a.e. Dirham / Turkish Lira 1.03-0.81%-
AEDUSD U.a.e. Dirham / U.s. Dollar 0.270.01%
AEDZAR U.a.e. Dirham / South African Rand 3.29-0.55%-
AFNUSD Afghan Afghani / U.s. Dollar 0.01-0.03%-
ALLUSD Albanian Lek / U.s. Dollar 0.010.27%
ANGEUR Netherlands Antillean Guilder / Euro 0.46-0.24%-0.000.460.460.460.45Sell
ANGSRD Netherlands Antillean Guilder / Surinamese Dollar 4.170.27%
ANGUSD Netherlands Antillean Guilder / U.s. Dollar 0.560.00%0.000.560.560.560.56Sell
ANGZAR Netherlands Antillean Guilder / South African Rand 6.79-0.56%-0.046.796.796.836.73Sell
AOAUSD Angolan Kwanza / U.s. Dollar 0.000.16%
ARSBRL Argentine Peso / Brazilian Real 0.17-0.60%- Sell
ARSEUR Argentine Peso / Euro 0.04-0.94%-
ARSGBP Argentine Peso / British Pound 0.04-1.52%- Sell
ARSJPY Argentine Peso / Japanese Yen 5.77-0.76%-0.045.775.825.825.76Strong Sell
ARSUSD Argentine Peso / U.s. Dollar 0.05-0.79%- Sell
AUDAED Australian Dollar / U.a.e. Dirham 2.940.30%0.012.942.952.942.93Buy
AUDANG Australian Dollar / Netherlands Antillean Guilder 1.420.31%0.001.421.431.441.42Buy
AUDARS Australian Dollar / Argentine Peso 15.331.10%0.1715.3315.3315.3615.14Strong Buy
AUDAWG Australian Dollar / Aruban Florin 1.430.31%0.001.431.441.431.43Buy
AUDBAM Australian Dollar / Bosnian Convertible Marka 1.260.00%
AUDBBD Australian Dollar / Barbadian Dollar 1.600.26%0.001.601.611.601.59Buy
AUDBHD Australian Dollar / Bahraini Dinar 0.300.37%0.000.300.300.300.30Buy
AUDBMD Australian Dollar / Bermudian Dollar 0.800.31%0.000.800.800.800.80Buy
AUDBOB Australian Dollar / Bolivian Boliviano 5.560.31%0.025.565.565.565.52Buy
AUDBRL Australian Dollar / Brazilian Real 2.570.50%0.012.572.572.572.55Buy
AUDBSD Australian Dollar / Bahamian Dollar 0.800.31%0.000.800.810.800.78Buy
AUDBZD Australian Dollar / Belizean Dollar 1.610.31%0.011.611.621.611.61Buy
AUDCAD Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar 1.000.02%
AUDCHF Australian Dollar / Swiss Franc 0.770.07%0.000.770.770.770.77Strong Buy
AUDCLP Australian Dollar / Chilean Peso 485.770.01%0.04485.77486.27487.33484.37Buy
AUDCNH Australian Dollar / Offshore Chinese Yuan 5.130.43%
AUDCNY Australian Dollar / Chinese Yuan 5.130.38%
AUDCOP Australian Dollar / Colombian Peso 2288.300.80%18.202288.302293.302289.902266.90Buy
AUDCRC Australian Dollar / Costa Rican Colon 455.980.25%1.15455.98456.48456.89453.85Buy
AUDCZK Australian Dollar / Czech Koruna 16.620.23%0.0416.6216.6416.6216.53Sell
AUDDKK Australian Dollar / Danish Krone 4.870.06%0.004.874.874.874.84Buy
AUDDOP Australian Dollar / Dominican Peso 39.001.80%0.6939.0039.0539.0438.25Buy
AUDEGP Australian Dollar / Egyptian Pound 14.180.20%0.0314.1814.1814.2214.11Buy
AUDERN Australian Dollar / Eriterian Nakfa 12.05-1.53%-0.1912.0512.1512.3011.99Buy
AUDEUR Australian Dollar / Euro 0.650.15%0.000.650.650.650.65Buy
AUDFJD Australian Dollar / Fijian Dollar 1.620.15%0.001.621.621.621.62Strong Buy
AUDGBP Australian Dollar / British Pound 0.57-0.31%-0.000.570.570.580.57Sell
AUDGIP Australian Dollar / Gibraltar Pound 0.57-0.41%-0.000.570.570.580.57Sell
AUDGTQ Australian Dollar / Guatemalan Quetzal 5.880.31%0.025.885.895.895.85Buy
AUDHKD Australian Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar 6.270.46%
AUDHNL Australian Dollar / Honduran Lempira 18.870.22%0.0418.8718.9218.9218.78Buy
AUDHRK Australian Dollar / Croatian Kuna 4.860.04%0.004.864.874.864.86Sell
AUDHUF Australian Dollar / Hungarian Forint 202.490.28%0.57202.49202.75202.62201.04Buy
AUDIDR Australian Dollar / Indonesian Rupiah 10705.500.57%60.7010705.5010706.0010716.3010641.00Buy
AUDILS Australian Dollar / Israeli Shekel 2.740.35%0.012.742.742.742.73Buy
AUDINR Australian Dollar / Indian Rupee 51.220.37%0.1951.2251.2251.2750.94Buy
AUDISK Australian Dollar / Icelandic Krona 82.520.27%0.2282.5282.5782.5282.21Strong Buy
AUDJMD Australian Dollar / Jamaican Dollar 99.250.33%0.3399.2599.3099.3598.88Buy
AUDJOD Australian Dollar / Jordanian Dinar 0.570.57%0.000.570.570.570.56Buy
AUDJPY Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen 88.860.35%0.3188.8588.8888.9288.19Buy
AUDKES Australian Dollar / Kenyan Shilling 82.210.17%0.1482.2182.2682.3181.93Buy
AUDKRW Australian Dollar / South Korean Won 855.890.37%3.17855.89856.39857.82852.14Buy
AUDKWD Australian Dollar / Kuwaiti Dinar 0.240.37%
AUDKYD Australian Dollar / Caymanian Dollar 0.660.26%0.000.660.660.660.65Buy
AUDLKR Australian Dollar / Sri Lankan Rupee 122.940.12%0.15122.94123.94123.01122.44Buy
AUDMAD Australian Dollar / Moroccan Dirham 7.400.16%0.017.407.407.407.37Strong Buy
AUDMGA Australian Dollar / Malagasy Ariary 2591.600.33%8.402591.602601.602591.602590.20Strong Buy
AUDMXN Australian Dollar / Mexican Peso 14.980.59%0.0914.9814.9815.0014.86Buy
AUDMYR Australian Dollar / Malaysian Ringgit 3.150.24%
AUDNGN Australian Dollar / Nigerian Naira 287.840.15%0.44287.84288.84288.09286.81Buy
AUDNOK Australian Dollar / Norwegian Krone 6.300.25%0.026.306.316.316.26Sell
AUDNZD Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar 1.09-0.25%-
AUDOMR Australian Dollar / Omani Rial 0.310.13%0.000.310.310.310.30Buy
AUDPEN Australian Dollar / Peruvian Sol 2.570.32%0.012.572.582.582.56Buy
AUDPGK Australian Dollar / Papua New Guinean Kina 2.590.03%0.002.592.592.592.58Buy
AUDPHP Australian Dollar / Philippine Peso 40.870.87%0.3540.8740.8840.8840.52Buy
AUDPKR Australian Dollar / Pakistani Rupee 88.620.41%0.3688.6288.6788.7688.20Buy
AUDPLN Australian Dollar / Polish Zloty 2.730.65%0.022.732.732.732.69Buy
AUDPYG Australian Dollar / Paraguayan Guarani 4512.400.26%11.604512.404522.404517.504493.30Buy
AUDQAR Australian Dollar / Qatari Rial 2.92-0.34%-0.012.922.922.932.90Buy
AUDRSD Australian Dollar / Serbian Dinar 77.670.32%0.2577.6777.7777.7377.19Buy
AUDRUB Australian Dollar / Russian Ruble 45.300.04%0.0245.3045.4045.3845.16Buy
AUDSAR Australian Dollar / Saudi Arabian Riyal 3.000.20%
AUDSCR Australian Dollar / Seychellois Rupee 11.060.78%0.0911.0611.0711.2910.81Strong Buy
AUDSEK Australian Dollar / Swedish Krona 6.440.21%0.016.446.456.456.39Buy
AUDSGD Australian Dollar / Singapore Dollar 1.060.27%
AUDSVC Australian Dollar / Salvadoran Colon 7.010.26%
AUDSYP Australian Dollar / Syrian Pound 413.060.31%1.28413.06413.16413.48411.10Buy
AUDTHB Australian Dollar / Thai Baht 25.530.27%0.0725.5325.5525.7325.41Buy
AUDTJS Australian Dollar / Tajikistani Somoni 7.04-0.36%-
AUDTMT Australian Dollar / Turkmenistani Manat 2.80-0.17%-0.002.802.812.802.80Buy
AUDTND Australian Dollar / Tunisian Dinar 1.94-0.18%-0.001.941.951.961.92Strong Buy
AUDTRY Australian Dollar / Turkish Lira 3.03-0.37%-
AUDTTD Australian Dollar / Trinidadian Dollar 5.410.06%0.005.415.425.415.40Buy
AUDTWD Australian Dollar / Taiwan New Dollar 23.44-0.00%-0.0023.4423.5423.5623.27Buy
AUDUSD Australian Dollar / U.s. Dollar 0.800.34%0.000.800.800.800.80Buy
AUDUYU Australian Dollar / Uruguayan Peso 22.860.24%0.0622.8622.9622.8822.76Buy
AUDVEF Australian Dollar / Venezuelan Bolivar 8.000.31%
AUDXCD Australian Dollar / East Caribbean Dollar 2.160.26%
AUDXPF Australian Dollar / C.f.p. Franc 78.090.07%0.0678.0978.1478.1977.84Buy
AUDZAR Australian Dollar / South African Rand 9.70-0.04%-0.009.709.719.759.62Sell
AWGUSD Aruban Florin / U.s. Dollar 0.560.00%0.000.560.560.560.56Buy
BBDGBP Barbadian Dollar / British Pound 0.36-0.71%-0.000.360.360.360.36Sell
BBDUSD Barbadian Dollar / U.s. Dollar 0.500.00%0.000.500.500.500.50Neutral
BDTCAD Bangladeshi Taka / Canadian Dollar 0.01-0.80%-
BDTCHF Bangladeshi Taka / Swiss Franc 0.01-0.65%-
BDTEUR Bangladeshi Taka / Euro 0.01-0.66%-
BDTGBP Bangladeshi Taka / British Pound 0.01-1.14%-
BDTHKD Bangladeshi Taka / Hong Kong Dollar 0.09-0.41%-
BDTJPY Bangladeshi Taka / Japanese Yen 1.33-0.42%-0.011.331.341.341.32Sell
BDTSGD Bangladeshi Taka / Singapore Dollar 0.02-0.56%-
BDTUSD Bangladeshi Taka / U.s. Dollar 0.01-0.44%- Sell
BGNCHF Bulgarian Lev / Swiss Franc 0.60-0.28%-0.000.600.600.600.60Buy
BGNEUR Bulgarian Lev / Euro 0.51-0.43%-0.000.510.520.510.51Strong Sell
BGNGBP Bulgarian Lev / British Pound 0.45-0.96%-0.000.450.450.450.45Strong Sell
BGNUSD Bulgarian Lev / U.s. Dollar 0.63-0.13%-0.000.630.630.630.63Buy
BHDCHF Bahraini Dinar / Swiss Franc 2.55-0.27%-0.012.552.562.562.54Sell
BHDEUR Bahraini Dinar / Euro 2.16-0.27%-
BHDGBP Bahraini Dinar / British Pound 1.90-0.77%-0.011.901.911.911.90Sell
BHDHKD Bahraini Dinar / Hong Kong Dollar 20.70-0.03%-0.0120.7020.8020.7120.68Buy
BHDJPY Bahraini Dinar / Japanese Yen 293.92-0.03%-0.10293.92294.42294.07292.96Sell
BHDNZD Bahraini Dinar / New Zealand Dollar 3.62-0.67%-0.023.623.633.643.62Sell
BHDOMR Bahraini Dinar / Omani Rial 1.01-0.21%-
BHDPKR Bahraini Dinar / Pakistani Rupee 293.170.05%0.14293.17293.67293.65292.72Buy
BHDQAR Bahraini Dinar / Qatari Rial 9.66-0.70%-0.079.669.679.739.65Sell
BHDSGD Bahraini Dinar / Singapore Dollar 3.50-0.18%-0.013.503.513.503.49Sell
BHDUSD Bahraini Dinar / U.s. Dollar 2.65-0.05%-0.002.652.662.652.65Buy
BIFUSD Burundian Franc / U.s. Dollar 0.000.00%
BMDEUR Bermudian Dollar / Euro 0.82-0.22%-0.000.820.820.820.81Sell
BMDGBP Bermudian Dollar / British Pound 0.72-0.64%-0.000.720.720.720.72Strong Sell
BMDUSD Bermudian Dollar / U.s. Dollar 1.000.00%
BNDUSD Bruneian Dollar / U.s. Dollar 0.750.00%0.000.750.750.750.75Strong Buy
BOBBRL Bolivian Boliviano / Brazilian Real 0.460.19%0.000.460.460.460.46Sell
BOBUSD Bolivian Boliviano / U.s. Dollar 0.140.00%
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