Currency pairs of the Asian countries

Asian currencies are influenced by two major economies of the world - China and Japan. These large economies made substantial investments into the Asia-Pacific region that resulted in a strong growth of the currencies of South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong. JPY is one of the most-traded currencies but unlike USD and EUR it is considered to be a safe haven currency.

USDJPY U.s. Dollar / Japanese Yen 109.49-0.72%-0.80109.48109.52110.34109.37Strong Sell
USDCNY U.s. Dollar / Chinese Yuan 6.37-0.44%-0.036.376.376.406.37Sell
USDSGD U.s. Dollar / Singapore Dollar 1.31-0.44%-0.011.311.311.321.31Sell
EURJPY Euro / Japanese Yen 135.04-0.46%-0.63135.04135.04135.69134.89Buy
USDKRW U.s. Dollar / South Korean Won 1070.00-0.42%-4.511070.001070.301070.501068.50Sell
USDHKD U.s. Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar 7.82-0.02%-0.007.827.827.827.82Buy
USDINR U.s. Dollar / Indian Rupee 63.69-0.19%-0.1263.7063.7063.8963.62Sell
USDTWD U.s. Dollar / Taiwan New Dollar 29.13-0.26%-0.0729.1329.1829.3929.11Sell
AUDJPY Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen 88.320.13%0.1288.3388.3488.4287.89Buy
CADJPY Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen 88.73-0.06%-0.0588.7188.7388.8288.49Sell
NZDJPY New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen 81.03-0.10%-0.0981.0581.0581.1480.82Buy
GBPJPY British Pound / Japanese Yen 154.39-0.00%-0.01154.38154.42154.71154.10Buy
CHFJPY Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen 115.03-0.11%-0.13115.03115.04115.41114.97Buy
USDAFN U.s. Dollar / Afghan Afghani 69.09-0.99%-0.6969.0969.2969.7869.09Sell
USDBDT U.s. Dollar / Bangladeshi Taka 83.030.12%0.1083.0383.2383.1982.86Strong Buy
USDBND U.s. Dollar / Bruneian Dollar 1.320.00%0.001.321.321.321.32Strong Sell
USDBTN U.s. Dollar / Bhutanese Ngultrum 63.800.12%0.0763.8063.9063.8063.80Sell
USDCNH U.s. Dollar / Offshore Chinese Yuan 6.37-0.42%-0.036.376.386.406.37Sell
USDIDR U.s. Dollar / Indonesian Rupiah 13311.00-0.05%-7.0013311.0013317.0013328.0013305.00Sell
USDKGS U.s. Dollar / Kyrgyzstani Som 68.38-0.42%-0.2968.3868.4368.3868.38Strong Sell
USDKHR U.s. Dollar / Cambodian Riel 4017.000.43%17.104017.004027.004017.003999.90Sell
USDKPW U.s. Dollar / North Korean Won 900.000.00%0.00900.00900.00900.00Buy
USDKZT U.s. Dollar / Kazakhstani Tenge 320.86-0.48%-1.54320.86320.91322.41320.40Sell
USDLAK U.s. Dollar / Lao Kip 8279.000.00%0.308279.008314.008285.008264.00Sell
USDLKR U.s. Dollar / Sri Lankan Rupee 153.70-0.26%-0.40153.70153.95154.15153.70Buy
USDMMK U.s. Dollar / Burmese Kyat 1337.00-0.41%-5.501337.001341.001342.501328.00Strong Sell
USDMNT U.s. Dollar / Mongolian Tughrik 2415.190.13%3.192415.192425.192416.002412.00Sell
USDMOP U.s. Dollar / Macau Pataca 8.05-0.01%-
USDMVR U.s. Dollar / Maldivian Rufiyaa 15.570.19%0.0315.5715.7715.5715.54Buy
USDMYR U.s. Dollar / Malaysian Ringgit 3.91-0.38%-0.023.913.913.923.91Sell
USDNPR U.s. Dollar / Nepalese Rupee 101.83-0.23%-0.23101.83101.85102.06101.82Sell
USDPHP U.s. Dollar / Philippine Peso 50.84-0.43%-0.2250.8450.8951.1150.72Strong Buy
USDPKR U.s. Dollar / Pakistani Rupee 110.480.04%0.04110.48111.00110.51110.43Buy
USDTHB U.s. Dollar / Thai Baht 31.64-0.50%-0.1631.6431.6931.8031.60Strong Sell
USDTJS U.s. Dollar / Tajikistani Somoni 8.820.01%0.008.828.838.828.82Buy
USDTMT U.s. Dollar / Turkmenistani Manat 3.410.00%0.003.403.613.413.40Strong Buy
USDUZS U.s. Dollar / Uzbekistani Som 8151.000.32%26.008150.008190.008151.008150.00Strong Buy
USDVND U.s. Dollar / Vietnamese Dong 22709.000.00%0.0022709.0022719.0022709.0022706.00Buy
JPYAFN Japanese Yen / Afghan Afghani 0.63-0.64%-0.000.630.630.630.63Buy
JPYAUD Japanese Yen / Australian Dollar 0.01-0.13%-
JPYBDT Japanese Yen / Bangladeshi Taka 0.760.86%0.010.760.760.760.75Strong Buy
JPYBND Japanese Yen / Bruneian Dollar 0.010.39%
JPYBTN Japanese Yen / Bhutanese Ngultrum 0.580.95%0.010.580.580.580.58Strong Buy
JPYCAD Japanese Yen / Canadian Dollar 0.010.09%
JPYCHF Japanese Yen / Swiss Franc 0.010.08%
JPYCNH Japanese Yen / Offshore Chinese Yuan 0.060.31%
JPYCNY Japanese Yen / Chinese Yuan 0.060.33%
JPYEUR Japanese Yen / Euro 0.010.44%
JPYGBP Japanese Yen / British Pound 0.010.00%
JPYHKD Japanese Yen / Hong Kong Dollar 0.070.71% Buy
JPYIDR Japanese Yen / Indonesian Rupiah 121.610.73%0.88121.61121.71121.61120.74Strong Buy
JPYINR Japanese Yen / Indian Rupee 0.580.64%0.000.580.580.580.58Strong Buy
JPYKGS Japanese Yen / Kyrgyzstani Som 0.620.56%0.000.620.620.620.62Buy
JPYKHR Japanese Yen / Cambodian Riel 36.590.81%0.2936.5936.6036.6136.31Strong Buy
JPYKPW Japanese Yen / North Korean Won 8.220.75% Buy
JPYKRW Japanese Yen / South Korean Won 9.70-0.02%-0.009.709.759.729.68Buy
JPYKZT Japanese Yen / Kazakhstani Tenge 2.920.16%0.002.922.932.932.91Sell
JPYLAK Japanese Yen / Lao Kip 75.670.70%0.5375.6775.7775.6875.18Strong Buy
JPYLKR Japanese Yen / Sri Lankan Rupee 1.400.76%0.011.401.411.401.39Strong Buy
JPYMMK Japanese Yen / Burmese Kyat 12.150.15%0.0212.1512.2512.1912.05Strong Buy
JPYMNT Japanese Yen / Mongolian Tughrik 22.090.90%0.2022.0922.1022.0921.90Strong Buy
JPYMOP Japanese Yen / Macau Pataca 0.070.66%
JPYMVR Japanese Yen / Maldivian Rufiyaa 0.140.58% Buy
JPYMYR Japanese Yen / Malaysian Ringgit 0.040.42%
JPYNPR Japanese Yen / Nepalese Rupee 0.930.74%0.010.930.930.930.92Strong Buy
JPYNZD Japanese Yen / New Zealand Dollar 0.010.06%
JPYPHP Japanese Yen / Philippine Peso 0.460.30%0.000.460.470.460.46Buy
JPYPKR Japanese Yen / Pakistani Rupee 1.010.99%
JPYSGD Japanese Yen / Singapore Dollar 0.010.34%
JPYTHB Japanese Yen / Thai Baht 0.290.24%
JPYTJS Japanese Yen / Tajikistani Somoni 0.080.84% Buy
JPYTMT Japanese Yen / Turkmenistani Manat 0.03-0.24%-
JPYTWD Japanese Yen / Taiwan New Dollar 0.260.61%
JPYUZS Japanese Yen / Uzbekistani Som 74.080.61%0.4574.0874.0874.0873.93Buy
JPYVND Japanese Yen / Vietnamese Dong 206.180.39%0.80206.18207.18206.28205.47Strong Buy
BDTHKD Bangladeshi Taka / Hong Kong Dollar 0.09-0.11%- Sell
BDTSGD Bangladeshi Taka / Singapore Dollar 0.02-0.56%- Sell
CNHCNY Offshore Chinese Yuan / Chinese Yuan 0.99-0.10%-0.000.991.001.000.99Strong Sell
CNHHKD Offshore Chinese Yuan / Hong Kong Dollar 1.230.31%
CNHIDR Offshore Chinese Yuan / Indonesian Rupiah 2088.100.33%6.802088.102090.102088.302081.30Strong Buy
CNHINR Offshore Chinese Yuan / Indian Rupee 9.980.24%0.029.989.999.999.95Buy
CNHKRW Offshore Chinese Yuan / South Korean Won 166.92-0.40%-0.67166.95167.15167.66166.85Buy
CNHPHP Offshore Chinese Yuan / Philippine Peso 7.98-0.04%-0.007.977.987.997.96Buy
CNHTHB Offshore Chinese Yuan / Thai Baht 4.970.01%0.004.964.974.974.97Buy
CNHTWD Offshore Chinese Yuan / Taiwan New Dollar 4.570.29%0.014.574.584.594.56Buy
CNYBND Chinese Yuan / Bruneian Dollar 0.210.10%
CNYCNH Chinese Yuan / Offshore Chinese Yuan 1.000.10% Buy
CNYHKD Chinese Yuan / Hong Kong Dollar 1.230.43%
CNYIDR Chinese Yuan / Indonesian Rupiah 2089.000.36%7.502089.002090.002089.002080.20Strong Buy
CNYINR Chinese Yuan / Indian Rupee 10.000.32%0.0310.0010.0010.009.95Buy
CNYKHR Chinese Yuan / Cambodian Riel 629.230.60%3.75629.23629.73629.23625.10Buy
CNYKRW Chinese Yuan / South Korean Won 167.15-0.32%-0.54167.15167.16167.68166.98Buy
CNYLAK Chinese Yuan / Lao Kip 1299.500.41%5.301299.501304.501299.501292.70Strong Buy
CNYLKR Chinese Yuan / Sri Lankan Rupee 24.090.27%0.0624.0924.1924.1024.04Strong Buy
CNYMMK Chinese Yuan / Burmese Kyat 209.53-0.13%-0.28209.53210.03210.17207.82Strong Buy
CNYMYR Chinese Yuan / Malaysian Ringgit 0.610.05%0.000.610.610.610.61Sell
CNYPHP Chinese Yuan / Philippine Peso 7.980.03%0.007.987.988.007.96Buy
CNYSGD Chinese Yuan / Singapore Dollar 0.210.00% Buy
CNYTHB Chinese Yuan / Thai Baht 4.97-0.03%-0.004.974.974.974.95Sell
CNYTWD Chinese Yuan / Taiwan New Dollar 4.580.11%0.014.584.584.594.57Strong Buy
CNYVND Chinese Yuan / Vietnamese Dong 3552.500.17%6.203552.503557.503552.503544.20Buy
HKDBDT Hong Kong Dollar / Bangladeshi Taka 10.630.11%0.0110.6310.6410.6510.61Strong Buy
HKDCNH Hong Kong Dollar / Offshore Chinese Yuan 0.82-0.31%-0.000.820.820.820.81Sell
HKDCNY Hong Kong Dollar / Chinese Yuan 0.81-0.43%-0.000.810.820.820.81Sell
HKDIDR Hong Kong Dollar / Indonesian Rupiah 1700.70-0.06%-1.101700.701705.701702.801700.40Sell
HKDINR Hong Kong Dollar / Indian Rupee 8.15-0.10%-
HKDKRW Hong Kong Dollar / South Korean Won 135.75-0.72%-0.98135.75136.75136.74135.66Sell
HKDLKR Hong Kong Dollar / Sri Lankan Rupee 19.63-0.20%-0.0419.6319.7319.6719.63Buy
HKDMOP Hong Kong Dollar / Macau Pataca 1.030.00%
HKDMYR Hong Kong Dollar / Malaysian Ringgit 0.50-0.38%-0.000.500.500.500.50Strong Sell
HKDPHP Hong Kong Dollar / Philippine Peso 6.51-0.41%-0.036.516.516.546.49Buy
HKDPKR Hong Kong Dollar / Pakistani Rupee 14.160.21%0.0314.1614.1714.1614.13Buy
HKDSGD Hong Kong Dollar / Singapore Dollar 0.17-0.48%-
HKDTHB Hong Kong Dollar / Thai Baht 4.05-0.45%- Sell
HKDTWD Hong Kong Dollar / Taiwan New Dollar 3.73-0.10%-0.003.733.733.753.73Sell
HKDVND Hong Kong Dollar / Vietnamese Dong 2902.700.01%0.202902.702907.702903.002902.40Sell
IDRCNY Indonesian Rupiah / Chinese Yuan 0.00-0.35%- Sell
IDRHKD Indonesian Rupiah / Hong Kong Dollar 0.000.06%
IDRINR Indonesian Rupiah / Indian Rupee 0.000.00%
IDRKRW Indonesian Rupiah / South Korean Won 0.08-0.70%-
IDRMYR Indonesian Rupiah / Malaysian Ringgit 0.00-0.31%-
IDRPHP Indonesian Rupiah / Philippine Peso 0.00-0.31%-
IDRSGD Indonesian Rupiah / Singapore Dollar 0.00-0.38%-
IDRTHB Indonesian Rupiah / Thai Baht 0.00-0.40%- Sell
IDRTWD Indonesian Rupiah / Taiwan New Dollar 0.00-0.18%-
INRCNY Indian Rupee / Chinese Yuan 0.10-0.20%-
INRHKD Indian Rupee / Hong Kong Dollar 0.120.08% Buy
INRIDR Indian Rupee / Indonesian Rupiah 208.400.00%0.00208.60209.60208.50207.80Sell
INRKRW Indian Rupee / South Korean Won 16.72-0.64%-0.1116.7216.7316.8216.71Sell
INRMYR Indian Rupee / Malaysian Ringgit 0.060.00%
INRPHP Indian Rupee / Philippine Peso 0.80-0.30%-0.000.800.800.800.80Buy
INRPKR Indian Rupee / Pakistani Rupee 1.740.35%0.011.741.741.741.73Buy
INRSGD Indian Rupee / Singapore Dollar 0.02-0.34%- Sell
INRTHB Indian Rupee / Thai Baht 0.500.08%0.000.500.500.500.50Sell
INRTWD Indian Rupee / Taiwan New Dollar 0.46-0.20%-0.000.460.460.460.46Sell
KRWCNY South Korean Won / Chinese Yuan 0.010.34%
KRWHKD South Korean Won / Hong Kong Dollar 0.010.72%
KRWIDR South Korean Won / Indonesian Rupiah 12.500.70%0.0912.5012.5112.5012.42Sell
KRWINR South Korean Won / Indian Rupee 0.060.64%
KRWMYR South Korean Won / Malaysian Ringgit 0.000.41%
KRWPHP South Korean Won / Philippine Peso 0.050.31% Buy
KRWPKR South Korean Won / Pakistani Rupee 0.100.97%
KRWSGD South Korean Won / Singapore Dollar 0.000.25%
KRWTHB South Korean Won / Thai Baht 0.030.27%
KRWTWD South Korean Won / Taiwan New Dollar 0.030.62%
LKRCNY Sri Lankan Rupee / Chinese Yuan 0.04-0.27%- Sell
LKRHKD Sri Lankan Rupee / Hong Kong Dollar 0.050.21%
LKRSGD Sri Lankan Rupee / Singapore Dollar 0.01-0.47%-
MOPHKD Macau Pataca / Hong Kong Dollar 0.970.01%0.000.970.970.970.97Sell
MYRCNH Malaysian Ringgit / Offshore Chinese Yuan 1.62-0.02%-0.001.621.631.631.62Buy
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