Currency pairs of the developing countries

Exotic currency pairs represent developing countries as well as several developed European countries and are traded less frequently. The group of exotic currencies was formed by the means of the International Monetary Fund. Exotic currency pairs are usually highly volatile and are lacking liquidity. Note that this results in a higher cost of trading and abnormal price movements.

USDHKD U.s. Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar 7.82-0.02%-0.007.827.827.827.82Buy
USDMXN U.s. Dollar / Mexican Peso 18.60-0.49%-0.0918.6018.6018.7118.59Sell
USDSGD U.s. Dollar / Singapore Dollar 1.31-0.46%-0.011.311.311.321.31Sell
USDKRW U.s. Dollar / South Korean Won 1070.00-0.42%-4.511070.001070.301070.501068.50Sell
USDRUB U.s. Dollar / Russian Ruble 56.30-0.04%-0.0256.3056.3156.4756.23Sell
USDINR U.s. Dollar / Indian Rupee 63.65-0.25%-0.1663.6563.6663.8963.62Sell
USDCNY U.s. Dollar / Chinese Yuan 6.37-0.44%-0.036.376.376.406.37Sell
USDBRL U.s. Dollar / Brazilian Real 3.22-0.55%-
USDHUF U.s. Dollar / Hungarian Forint 250.61-0.23%-0.57250.61250.73251.53249.89Strong Sell
USDAED U.s. Dollar / U.a.e. Dirham 3.670.00%0.003.673.673.673.67Buy
USDCZK U.s. Dollar / Czech Koruna 20.56-0.37%-0.0820.5620.5720.6520.52Sell
USDTHB U.s. Dollar / Thai Baht 31.64-0.50%-0.1631.6431.6931.8031.60Strong Sell
USDNOK U.s. Dollar / Norwegian Krone 7.81-0.05%-0.007.817.817.837.79Sell
USDSEK U.s. Dollar / Swedish Krona 7.97-0.45%-0.047.977.978.017.95Sell
USDDKK U.s. Dollar / Danish Krone 6.03-0.32%-
USDISK U.s. Dollar / Icelandic Krona 102.29-0.45%-0.46102.29102.59102.62102.29Sell
USDMYR U.s. Dollar / Malaysian Ringgit 3.91-0.36%-0.013.913.913.923.91Sell
USDKWD U.s. Dollar / Kuwaiti Dinar 0.30-0.12%-0.000.300.300.300.30Strong Sell
USDSAR U.s. Dollar / Saudi Arabian Riyal 3.750.00%0.003.753.753.753.75Buy
USDOMR U.s. Dollar / Omani Rial 0.380.08%0.000.380.390.380.38Sell
USDIRR U.s. Dollar / Iranian Rial 36721.000.14%51.0036721.0036771.0036721.0036670.00Strong Buy
USDHRK U.s. Dollar / Croatian Kuna 6.02-0.34%-
USDPLN U.s. Dollar / Polish Zloty 3.37-0.48%-0.023.373.373.393.36Sell
USDZAR U.s. Dollar / South African Rand 11.98-0.35%-0.0411.9811.9912.0511.91Sell
USDAOA U.s. Dollar / Angolan Kwanza 206.542.23%4.50206.54207.01206.54206.54Buy
USDAFN U.s. Dollar / Afghan Afghani 69.09-0.99%-0.6969.0969.2969.7869.09Sell
USDAMD U.s. Dollar / Armenian Dram 480.67-0.10%-0.47480.67481.67480.67480.67Strong Sell
USDARS U.s. Dollar / Argentine Peso 19.320.00%0.0019.3219.3219.3219.32Buy
USDANG U.s. Dollar / Netherlands Antillean Guilder 1.780.00%0.001.781.791.781.78Buy
USDBHD U.s. Dollar / Bahraini Dinar 0.380.00%0.000.380.380.380.38Sell
USDBAM U.s. Dollar / Bosnian Convertible Marka 1.59-0.33%-0.011.591.591.591.59Sell
USDBIF U.s. Dollar / Burundian Franc 1750.980.00%0.001750.981770.981751.001750.00Buy
USDBBD U.s. Dollar / Barbadian Dollar 2.000.00%
USDBMD U.s. Dollar / Bermudian Dollar 1.000.00%
USDAZN U.s. Dollar / Azerbaijani Manat 1.700.00%0.001.701.701.701.70Sell
USDBND U.s. Dollar / Bruneian Dollar 1.320.00%0.001.321.321.321.32Strong Sell
USDAWG U.s. Dollar / Aruban Florin 1.780.00%0.001.781.801.781.78Sell
USDBGN U.s. Dollar / Bulgarian Lev 1.60-0.08%-0.001.601.601.60Sell
USDBDT U.s. Dollar / Bangladeshi Taka 83.030.12%0.1083.0383.2383.1982.86Strong Buy
USDBOB U.s. Dollar / Bolivian Boliviano 6.860.15%0.016.867.016.866.85Buy
USDBZD U.s. Dollar / Belizean Dollar 2.000.00%
USDBTN U.s. Dollar / Bhutanese Ngultrum 63.800.12%0.0763.8063.9063.8063.80Sell
USDBSD U.s. Dollar / Bahamian Dollar 1.000.00%
USDBYN U.s. Dollar / Belarus Rouble 2.020.00%0.001.971.982.021.97Buy
USDCDF U.s. Dollar / Congolese Franc 1565.500.00%0.001565.501575.501571.001565.50Sell
USDCLP U.s. Dollar / Chilean Peso 606.53-0.38%-2.30606.53606.83609.00606.20Sell
USDCNH U.s. Dollar / Offshore Chinese Yuan 6.37-0.39%-0.026.376.386.406.37Sell
USDCLF U.s. Dollar / Chilean Unidad De Fomento 0.020.00%
USDALL U.s. Dollar / Albanian Lek 108.40-0.46%-0.50108.40108.41109.11108.40Sell
USDCOP U.s. Dollar / Colombian Peso 2853.500.08%2.302853.502855.502854.002852.00Sell
USDCRC U.s. Dollar / Costa Rican Colon 564.00-0.04%-0.22564.00574.00565.23564.00Sell
USDCUP U.s. Dollar / Cuban Peso 1.000.00%
USDCVE U.s. Dollar / Cape Verdean Escudo 89.37-0.31%-0.2889.3789.6289.7089.24Sell
USDDJF U.s. Dollar / Djiboutian Franc 176.83-0.43%-0.77176.83177.83178.15176.83Sell
USDEGP U.s. Dollar / Egyptian Pound 17.670.00%0.0017.6717.7318.0517.64Sell
USDDOP U.s. Dollar / Dominican Peso 48.550.50%0.2448.5548.8548.5547.74Buy
USDDZD U.s. Dollar / Algerian Dinar 113.44-0.38%-0.43113.44115.44113.92113.37Sell
USDETB U.s. Dollar / Ethiopian Birr 27.210.00%0.0027.2127.9027.2227.20Buy
USDERN U.s. Dollar / Eriterian Nakfa 14.99-1.51%-0.2314.9915.1915.2814.99Strong Sell
USDFKP U.s. Dollar / Falkland Islands Pound 0.71-0.24%-0.000.710.710.710.71Sell
USDGIP U.s. Dollar / Gibraltar Pound 0.71-0.24%-0.000.710.710.710.71Sell
USDGEL U.s. Dollar / Georgian Lari 2.50-0.88%-0.022.502.522.502.50Sell
USDGHS U.s. Dollar / Ghanaian Cedi 4.52-0.03%-0.004.524.544.544.51Buy
USDGNF U.s. Dollar / Guinean Franc 9004.000.30%27.009004.009104.009004.008977.00Strong Buy
USDGTQ U.s. Dollar / Guatemalan Quetzal 7.340.00%0.007.347.347.347.34Buy
USDGYD U.s. Dollar / Guyanese Dollar 206.490.00%0.00206.49211.49206.49206.49Buy
USDGMD U.s. Dollar / Gambian Dalasi 48.380.00%0.0048.3748.9848.3848.37Buy
USDHTG U.s. Dollar / Haitian Gourde 63.670.00%0.0063.6764.6763.6763.67Strong Buy
USDHNL U.s. Dollar / Honduran Lempira 23.52-0.19%-0.0423.5223.6123.5423.52Buy
USDIDR U.s. Dollar / Indonesian Rupiah 13311.00-0.05%-7.0013311.0013317.0013328.0013305.00Sell
USDILS U.s. Dollar / Israeli Shekel 3.40-0.13%-0.003.403.413.413.40Strong Sell
USDJMD U.s. Dollar / Jamaican Dollar 123.530.15%0.18123.53124.23123.73123.35Sell
USDJOD U.s. Dollar / Jordanian Dinar 0.710.24%0.000.710.710.710.71Buy
USDIQD U.s. Dollar / Iraqi Dinar 1184.000.00%0.001180.001186.001184.001180.00Buy
USDKGS U.s. Dollar / Kyrgyzstani Som 68.38-0.42%-0.2968.3868.4368.3868.38Strong Sell
USDKMF U.s. Dollar / Comorian Franc 401.05-0.09%-0.35411.02411.97411.02400.50Sell
USDKES U.s. Dollar / Kenyan Shilling 102.10-0.10%-0.10102.10102.40102.30102.05Strong Sell
USDKHR U.s. Dollar / Cambodian Riel 4017.000.43%17.104017.004027.004017.003999.90Sell
USDKPW U.s. Dollar / North Korean Won 900.000.00%0.00900.00900.00900.00Buy
USDLKR U.s. Dollar / Sri Lankan Rupee 153.70-0.26%-0.40153.70153.80154.15153.70Buy
USDKYD U.s. Dollar / Caymanian Dollar 0.820.00%0.000.820.820.82Buy
USDKZT U.s. Dollar / Kazakhstani Tenge 320.86-0.48%-1.54320.86320.91322.41320.40Sell
USDLAK U.s. Dollar / Lao Kip 8279.000.00%0.308279.008314.008285.008264.00Sell
USDLBP U.s. Dollar / Lebanese Pound 1511.000.17%2.501511.001518.001511.001505.50Buy
USDLRD U.s. Dollar / Liberian Dollar 127.870.29%0.37127.87128.87127.87127.50Strong Buy
USDLYD U.s. Dollar / Libyan Dinar 1.340.01%0.001.341.341.341.34Sell
USDLSL U.s. Dollar / Basotho Loti 12.050.00%0.0012.0512.1212.1112.05Sell
USDMAD U.s. Dollar / Moroccan Dirham 9.18-0.19%-
USDMVR U.s. Dollar / Maldivian Rufiyaa 15.570.19%0.0315.5715.7715.5715.54Buy
USDMOP U.s. Dollar / Macau Pataca 8.05-0.01%-
USDMRO U.s. Dollar / Mauritanian Ouguiya 352.000.00%0.00352.00357.00352.00352.00Buy
USDMDL U.s. Dollar / Moldovan Leu 16.73-0.09%-0.0116.7316.8316.7916.72Sell
USDMKD U.s. Dollar / Macedonian Denar 49.63-0.30%-0.1549.6349.9349.8549.58Sell
USDMGA U.s. Dollar / Malagasy Ariary 3210.000.00%0.003215.003245.003215.003210.00Buy
USDMNT U.s. Dollar / Mongolian Tughrik 2415.190.13%3.192415.192425.192416.002412.00Sell
USDMUR U.s. Dollar / Mauritanian Rupee 32.700.00%0.0032.5032.8032.9031.59Sell
USDMMK U.s. Dollar / Burmese Kyat 1337.00-0.41%-5.501337.001341.001342.501328.00Strong Sell
USDMWK U.s. Dollar / Malawian Kwacha 716.210.08%0.55716.21736.21718.00713.44Buy
USDMZN U.s. Dollar / Mozambican Metical 59.000.25%0.1559.0060.0059.1058.00Buy
USDNGN U.s. Dollar / Nigerian Naira 357.00-0.28%-1.00357.00362.00357.00357.00Buy
USDNAD U.s. Dollar / Namibian Dollar 11.98-0.43%-0.0511.9811.9812.0411.92Sell
USDNIO U.s. Dollar / Nicaraguan Cordoba 30.890.58%0.1830.8930.8930.8930.89Buy
USDNPR U.s. Dollar / Nepalese Rupee 101.87-0.19%-0.20101.87101.89102.06101.82Sell
USDPAB U.s. Dollar / Panamanian Balboa 1.000.00%
USDPHP U.s. Dollar / Philippine Peso 50.83-0.45%-0.2350.8350.8851.1150.72Strong Buy
USDPEN U.s. Dollar / Peruvian Sol 3.210.00%
USDPKR U.s. Dollar / Pakistani Rupee 110.480.04%0.04110.48111.00110.51110.43Buy
USDPYG U.s. Dollar / Paraguayan Guarani 5591.000.00%0.005591.005641.005591.005591.00Strong Sell
USDQAR U.s. Dollar / Qatari Rial 3.64-0.04%-0.003.643.643.643.64Sell
USDRSD U.s. Dollar / Serbian Dinar 95.97-0.49%-0.4795.9796.5495.9795.97Sell
USDRON U.s. Dollar / Romanian Leu 3.78-0.36%-0.013.783.783.793.77Sell
USDRWF U.s. Dollar / Rwandan Franc 835.750.00%0.00835.75850.75835.75835.75Buy
USDSDG U.s. Dollar / Sudanese Pound 7.000.00%
USDSCR U.s. Dollar / Seychellois Rupee 13.402.24%0.2913.4014.2013.7013.11Buy
USDSHP U.s. Dollar / Saint Helenian Pound 0.71-0.24%-0.000.710.710.710.71Sell
USDSOS U.s. Dollar / Somali Shilling 562.000.00%0.00562.00602.00563.00562.00Buy
USDSLL U.s. Dollar / Sierra Leonean Leone 7630.000.00%0.007630.007730.007630.007630.00Buy
USDSTD U.s. Dollar / Sao Tomean Dobra 19858.90-0.31%-61.4019858.9019908.9019931.6019830.00Strong Sell
USDSYP U.s. Dollar / Syrian Pound 514.980.00%0.00514.98515.48514.98514.98Buy
USDSVC U.s. Dollar / Salvadoran Colon 8.750.00%0.008.758.758.75Buy
USDSZL U.s. Dollar / Swazi Lilangeni 11.98-0.38%-0.0511.9812.0312.0411.92Sell
USDSRD U.s. Dollar / Surinamese Dollar 7.420.41%0.037.427.477.427.39Strong Buy
USDTJS U.s. Dollar / Tajikistani Somoni 8.820.01%0.008.828.838.828.82Buy
USDTWD U.s. Dollar / Taiwan New Dollar 29.12-0.28%-0.0829.1229.1529.3929.11Sell
USDTRY U.s. Dollar / Turkish Lira 3.75-0.33%-0.013.753.753.783.75Sell
USDTND U.s. Dollar / Tunisian Dinar 2.39-1.07%-0.032.392.402.442.39Sell
USDTTD U.s. Dollar / Trinidadian Dollar 6.710.10%0.016.716.766.716.70Buy
USDTZS U.s. Dollar / Tanzanian Shilling 2241.000.00%0.002245.002252.002246.002239.00Strong Buy
USDUAH U.s. Dollar / Ukrainian Hryvnia 28.790.00%0.0028.7929.0428.8828.79Buy
USDTMT U.s. Dollar / Turkmenistani Manat 3.410.00%0.003.403.613.413.40Strong Buy
USDUGX U.s. Dollar / Ugandan Shilling 3622.000.00%0.003632.003642.003644.003622.00Buy
USDBWP U.s. Dollar / Botswanan Pula 0.100.40% Buy
USDFJD U.s. Dollar / Fijian Dollar 2.000.15%
USDTOP U.s. Dollar / Tongan Pa’anga 2.220.00%
USDPGK U.s. Dollar / Papua New Guinean Kina 0.300.33%0.000.300.320.300.30Sell
USDXAF U.s. Dollar / Central African C.f.a. Franc B.e.a.c. 531.13-0.33%-1.75531.13532.13533.15530.53Sell
USDUYU U.s. Dollar / Uruguayan Peso 28.390.11%0.0328.3928.4928.3928.39Sell
USDUZS U.s. Dollar / Uzbekistani Som 8151.000.32%26.008150.008190.008151.008150.00Strong Buy
USDWST U.s. Dollar / Samoan Tala 0.390.00%0.000.390.400.390.39Buy
USDVUV U.s. Dollar / Vanuatu Vatu 103.03-0.16%-0.17103.03105.03105.27103.03Sell
USDVND U.s. Dollar / Vietnamese Dong 22709.000.00%0.0022709.0022719.0022709.0022706.00Buy
USDVEF U.s. Dollar / Venezuelan Bolivar 9.970.00%0.009.979.989.999.97Buy
USDSBD U.s. Dollar / Solomon Islander Dollar 0.13-0.40%-
USDXCD U.s. Dollar / East Caribbean Dollar 2.700.00%0.002.702.702.70Buy
USDXOF U.s. Dollar / C.f.a. Franc B.c.e.a.o. 529.410.00%0.00529.41531.41529.41529.41Sell
USDYER U.s. Dollar / Yemeni Rial 249.950.20%0.50249.95250.05249.95249.45Buy
USDXPF U.s. Dollar / C.f.p. Franc 96.690.00%0.0096.6997.6997.2096.31Sell
USDZMW U.s. Dollar / Zambian Kwacha 9.760.72%0.079.769.969.769.65Sell
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