Energy (Sector)

Mkt Cap
Div Yield
Perf Month
Perf Year
Perf YTD
ABAN ABAN OFFSHORE 178.002.77%4.80Buy1.651M10.234B-199.331275.00Oil & Gas Drilling
ABAN ABAN OFFSHORE LTD. 178.503.03%5.25Buy275.645K10.234B-199.331275.00Oil & Gas Drilling
AEGISCHEM AEGIS LOGISTICS 291.751.60%4.60Buy291.095K93.570B53.565.36403.00Oil & Gas Transportation Services
AEGISLOG AEGIS LOGISTICS LTD. 291.301.73%4.95Buy21.706K93.570B53.565.36403.00Oil & Gas Transportation Services
ANDHRAPET ANDHRA PETROCHEMICALS LTD. 61.251.24%0.75Buy20.644K5.184B13.444.50300.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
ARTSONEN ARTSON ENGINEERING LTD. 78.25-1.94%-1.55Sell4.267K2.978B16.124.95140.00Oil Related Services and Equipment
ASIANOI ASIAN OILFIELD SERVICES LTD. 200.001.57%3.10Sell5.280K6.042B37.346.9798.00Oil Related Services and Equipment
AUSTRAL GREENEARTH RES&PRO 0.15-0.00%-0.00Sell17.734K43.769M0.220.67494.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
AUSTRAL AUSTRAL COKE & PROJECTS LTD. 0.34-2.86%-0.01Sell25343.769M0.220.67494.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
BPCL BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPORATION L 383.550.75%2.85Sell398.243K805.660B130.442.9212484.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
BPCL BHARAT PETROL CORP 384.400.80%3.05Sell5.249M805.660B130.442.9212484.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
CASTROLIND CASTROL INDIA LTD. 198.70-0.97%-1.95Sell31.987K200.000B28.706.99560.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
CASTROLIND CASTROL INDIA 198.90-0.92%-1.85Sell854.050K200.000B28.706.99560.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
CHENNPETRO CHENNAI PETRO CP 330.800.02%0.05Sell259.733K48.701B6.4851.041645.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
CHENNPETRO CHENNAI PETROLEUM CORPORATION 330.400.05%0.15Sell26.525K48.701B6.4851.041645.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
COALINDIA COAL INDIA LTD. 291.000.62%1.80Strong Buy68.753K1812.874B21.3013.60310016.00Coal
COALINDIA COAL INDIA LTD 291.050.43%1.25Strong Buy1.348M1812.874B21.3013.60310016.00Coal
DOLPHINOFF DOLPHIN OFFSHORE 96.503.10%2.90Buy442.827K1.591B-27.06163.00Oil Related Services and Equipment
DOLPHINOFF DOLPHIN OFFSHORE ENTERPRISES ( 96.953.41%3.20Buy71.091K1.591B-27.06163.00Oil Related Services and Equipment
EASTERNGAS EASTERN GASES LIMITED 19.904.74%0.90Neutral4285.000M-27.83Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
ENNORE ENNORE COKE LTD. 2.000.00%0.00Sell331.160M-8.71Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
EPIC EPIC ENERGY LTD. 8.850.00%0.00Buy064.151M-0.79Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
EUROMULTI EURO MULTIVISION LTD. 2.534.12%0.10Strong Buy5157.120M0.2210.92147.00Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
EUROMULTI EURO MULTIVISION L 2.404.35%0.10Buy5557.120M0.2210.92147.00Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
GESHIP GREAT EASTERN SHIPPING CO.LTD. 377.000.01%0.05Buy9.445K53.368B32.7111.56413.00Oil & Gas Transportation Services
GESHIP GREAT EASTERN SHI 378.500.25%0.95Buy67.822K53.368B32.7111.56413.00Oil & Gas Transportation Services
GLOBOFFS GLOBAL OFFSHORE SERVICES LTD. 27.55-0.54%-0.15Sell4.353K688.697M-50.69Oil Related Services and Equipment
GLOBOFFS GLOBAL OFFSHORE SE 27.800.00%0.00Sell18.878K688.697M-50.69Oil Related Services and Equipment
GMDCLTD GUJARAT MINERAL DEVELOPMENT CO 139.60-2.04%-2.90Buy25.756K46.269B9.3015.311527.00Coal
GMDCLTD GUJARAT MINERAL DE 139.65-1.90%-2.70Buy110.116K46.269B9.3015.311527.00Coal
GNRL GUJARAT NATURAL RESOURCES LIMI 23.105.00%1.10Sell35856.937M51.300.43Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
GOACARBON GOA CARBON 862.95-1.60%-14.05Sell58.591K8.175B76.7711.42228.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
GOACARBON GOA CARBON LTD. 862.25-1.63%-14.30Sell11.413K8.175B76.7711.42228.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
GULFOILLUB GULF OIL LUBRICANTS INDIA LTD 915.102.80%24.95Buy1.300K43.927B29.8930.07475.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
GULFOILLUB GULF OIL LUBRICANT 916.002.68%23.95Buy42.729K43.927B29.8930.07475.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
GULFPETRO GP PETROLEUMS LTD 79.00-0.94%-0.75Strong Sell37.626K4.099B22.383.56257.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
GULFPETRO GP PETROLEUMS LTD 78.50-0.95%-0.75Strong Sell5.691K4.099B22.383.56257.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
HINDOILEXP HINDUSTAN OIL EXPL 127.602.37%2.95Strong Buy1.051M16.292B73.261.7045.00Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
HINDOILEXP HINDUSTAN OIL EXPLORATION CO.L 127.502.57%3.20Strong Buy137.328K16.292B73.261.7045.00Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
HINDPETRO HINDUSTAN PETROL 305.900.53%1.60Sell3.378M455.699B34.028.9410422.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
HINDPETRO HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPORATIO 305.900.61%1.85Sell536.592K455.699B34.028.9410422.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
INDOSOLAR INDOSOLAR LTD 7.35-0.68%-0.05Sell49.686K2.753B4.731.56Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
INDOSOLAR INDOSOLAR LTD. 7.43-0.67%-0.05Sell32.462K2.753B4.731.56Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
INOXWIND INOX WIND LIMITED 113.50-1.90%-2.20Sell11.066K25.232B-0.203125.00Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
INOXWIND INOX INDIA LIMITED 113.50-1.65%-1.90Sell32.897K25.232B-0.203125.00Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
IOC INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD. 163.501.14%1.85Sell1.578M1554.861B30.635.2833135.00Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
IOC INDIAN OIL CORP 163.551.14%1.85Sell5.130M1554.861B30.635.2833135.00Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
JINDRILL JINDAL DRILLING 169.001.05%1.75Buy44.782K4.844B6.0627.59547.00Oil & Gas Drilling
JINDRILL JINDAL DRILLING & INDUSTRIES L 169.000.96%1.60Buy11.226K4.844B6.0627.59547.00Oil & Gas Drilling
JIYAECO JIYA ECO-PRODUCTS LIMITED 136.056.16%7.90Strong Buy31.459K1.373BRenewable Fuels
JVLAGRO JVL AGRO IND 24.551.03%0.25Sell269.261K4.047B5.384.51Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
JVLAGRO JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD. 24.551.24%0.30Sell24.970K4.047B5.384.51Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
KGNIND KGN INDUSTRIES LTD. 1.850.00%0.00Buy175413.750M978.840.000.00Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
MANINDS MAN INDUSTRIES (IN 138.00-1.08%-1.50Buy72.058K8.089B88.261.58812.00Oil Related Services and Equipment
MANINDS MAN INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LTD. 138.15-0.61%-0.85Buy11.445K8.089B88.261.58812.00Oil Related Services and Equipment
MERCATOR MERCATOR LTD 31.80-0.16%-0.05Strong Sell381.832K9.815B-8.88452.00Coal
MERCATOR MERCATOR LTD. 31.700.32%0.10Sell138.544K9.815B-8.88452.00Coal
MRPL MANGALORE REF &PET 107.25-0.33%-0.35Strong Sell535.196K188.843B1917.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
MRPL MANGALORE REFINERY & PETROCHEM 107.15-0.33%-0.35Sell38.566K188.843B1917.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
NAGAROIL NAGARJUNA OIL REFI 2.35-17.54%-0.50Sell3.138M1.520B-1.34Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
NAGAROIL NAGARJUNA OIL REFINERY LTD. 2.37-16.55%-0.47Sell677.344K1.520B-1.34Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
OIL OIL INDIA LTD. 236.702.22%5.15Buy42.172K174.359B10.1822.767228.00Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
OIL OIL INDIA LTD 235.701.77%4.10Buy1.509M174.359B10.1822.767228.00Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
OILCOUNTUB OIL COUNTRY TUBULAR LTD. 30.052.21%0.65Sell22.759K1.320B-17.61Oil Related Services and Equipment
OILCOUNTUB OIL COUNTRY TUBULR 29.801.88%0.55Sell47.179K1.320B-17.61Oil Related Services and Equipment
ONGC OIL AND NATURAL GAS CORPORATIO 182.500.88%1.60Buy192.492K2340.141B33660.00Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
ONGC OIL & NATURAL GAS 182.500.80%1.45Buy2.595M2340.141B33660.00Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
PETRONET PETRONET LNG 236.35-0.30%-0.70Sell1.823M359.550B38.326.19477.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
PETRONET PETRONET LNG LTD. 236.40-0.32%-0.75Sell26.939K359.550B38.326.19477.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
RELIANCE RELIANCE INDS 962.252.80%26.25Strong Buy5.459M5878.349B15.9758.7224167.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
RELIANCE RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD. 961.052.77%25.90Strong Buy271.115K5878.349B15.9758.7224167.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
RELTD RAVINDRA ENERGY LIMITED 30.500.00%0.00Sell5003.725B44.560.6822.00Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
SBTL SOUTHERN ONLINE BIO TECHNOLOGI 2.50-4.94%-0.13Sell27.150K155.953M-27.59Renewable Fuels
SEAMECLTD SEAMEC LTD 207.00-1.26%-2.65Buy6.858K5.554B-0.61479.00Oil Related Services and Equipment
SEAMECLTD SEAMEC LTD. 206.00-2.02%-4.25Buy3175.554B-0.61479.00Oil Related Services and Equipment
SELAN SELAN EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY L 235.203.41%7.75Strong Buy51.794K3.762B24.269.3929.00Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
SELAN SELAN EXPLORATION 236.003.78%8.60Buy302.153K3.762B24.269.3929.00Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
SOTL SAVITA OIL TECHNOLOGIES LTD. 1450.001.27%18.20Buy61620.852B18.0380.42405.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
SOTL SAVITA OIL TECHNOL 1449.85-0.00%-0.05Strong Buy5620.852B18.0380.42405.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
STEERINTER STERLING INTERNATIONAL ENTERPR 0.78-4.88%-0.04Sell48.296K234.612M-4.270.00Oil Related Services and Equipment
SURANASOL SURANA SOLAR LTD. 13.00-2.33%-0.31Strong Sell1.150K627.384M64.370.2095.00Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
SURANASOL SURANA SOLAR LTD 13.00-0.76%-0.10Sell8.648K627.384M64.370.2095.00Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
SUZLON SUZLON ENERGY LTD. 11.29-0.62%-0.07Sell1.237M61.177B9.451.362596.00Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
SUZLON SUZLON ENERGY LTD 11.25-1.32%-0.15Sell12.400M61.177B9.451.362596.00Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
TIDEWATER TIDE WATER OIL (INDIA) LTD. 6335.000.20%12.50Sell12822.090B37.95166.21506.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
TIDEWATER TIDE WATER OIL (IN 6337.800.48%30.10Sell63622.090B37.95166.21506.00Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing
TRITRADE TRINITY TRADELINK LIMITED 0.490.00%0.00Strong Sell2.000K129.318M44.710.01Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
UNIDT UNITED DRILLING TOOLS LTD. 270.105.00%12.85Buy1.575K2.549B179.031.44Oil Related Services and Equipment
VEERENRGY VEER ENERGY & INFRASTRUCTURE L 30.750.00%0.00Sell53.293K345.941M5.945.18Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
WEBELSOLAR WEBSOL ENERGY SYSTEM LTD. 86.60-0.23%-0.20Sell14.685K2.307B4.4634.33Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
WEBELSOLAR WEBSOL ENERGY SYST 86.20-0.12%-0.10Sell51.242K2.307B4.4634.33Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
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