Stock market sectors of South Korea

The table below shows sectors along with their overview and performance metrics such as market cap, volume and number of stocks. Research various sectors to find promising stocks.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Electronic Technology874.365 T KRW1.32%−2.02%13.354 M9420
Producer Manufacturing382.084 T KRW0.70%−2.44%1.031 M9439
Finance251.505 T KRW4.17%+0.35%734.634 K13208
Health Technology234.461 T KRW0.27%+0.28%584.288 K5300
Consumer Durables171.576 T KRW3.93%−0.79%787.493 K885
Process Industries145.012 T KRW1.12%−3.74%323.355 K8224
Technology Services100.382 T KRW0.67%−0.12%395.333 K4213
Consumer Non-Durables90.406 T KRW2.17%+1.02%303.309 K9153
Non-Energy Minerals64.484 T KRW2.61%−1.75%320.7 K5111
Commercial Services56.522 T KRW0.97%−1.66%434.416 K4100
Transportation52.622 T KRW2.50%−1.04%600.674 K538
Industrial Services49.541 T KRW1.53%+0.85%1.062 M262
Communications26.404 T KRW3.93%+0.33%449.622 K314
Consumer Services24.278 T KRW2.01%−0.88%339.719 K971
Utilities22.007 T KRW0.85%−1.02%830.179 K323
Retail Trade19.546 T KRW2.63%−0.57%303.337 K843
Energy Minerals19.488 T KRW1.08%−1.66%384.432 K310
Distribution Services13.896 T KRW1.43%−1.82%573.189 K460
Miscellaneous5.743 T KRW5.84%+0.50%701.192 K2831
Health Services2.313 T KRW0.57%−0.04%184.335 K110