Overvalued stocks

Stocks that have significantly increased in price due a large demand are called overbought. This is often the case when there are too many buyers who push the price so high that it can’t be justified by company financials. When sellers start outweighing buyers, the price can change its direction. Another scenario that causes stocks to become overbought is when a company buys back its own stocks. Be careful when buying overvalued stocks as there could be a retracement.

0050 Yuanta Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd Taiwan Top 50 Etf 88.300.40%0.35Buy5.779M
0052 Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Fubon It Units Fund 59.451.89%1.10Buy10.000K
0053 Yuanta Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd Taiwan Electronics Tech Etf 37.860.40%0.15Buy21.000K
0056 Yuanta Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd P-Shs Tw Dividend Plus Exc 26.20-0.19%-0.05Buy2.935M
0057 Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Fubon Msci Taiwan Etf 52.902.22%1.15Strong Buy1.000K
0061 Yuanta Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd W.i.s.e. Yuanta/p-Shares Csi 300 Etf 20.570.83%0.17Buy3.961M
006203 Yuanta Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd P-Shs Msci Taiwan Etf 40.840.84%0.34Buy1.000K
006204 Sinopac Secs Inv Service Taiex Etf 55.700.18%0.10Buy2.000K
006205 Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Sse180 Etf 35.180.77%0.27Buy5.090M
006206 Yuanta Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd P-Shares Sse50 Etf 35.921.38%0.49Buy2.524M
006207 Fuh Hwa Securities Investment Tst Csi 300 A Shs Etf 26.601.33%0.35Strong Buy1.340M
006208 Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Ftse Twse Taiwan 50 Etf 49.880.56%0.28Buy7.000K
00625K Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Sse180+r Etf 7.701.72%0.13Strong Buy50.000K
00631L Yuanta Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd Daily Taiwan 50 Bull 2x 39.660.35%0.14Buy1.496M
00633L Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Sse180 Leveraged 2x Idx Etf 61.503.54%2.10Buy36.400M
00636 Cathay Secs Inv Tr Co Ltd Cathay Ftse China A50 Twd 23.781.49%0.35Buy9.477M
00636K Cathay Secs Inv Trust Co Ltd 00636k Tt 8.131.25%0.10Buy200.200K
00637L Yuanta Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd Daily Csi 300 2x Bull P Etf 23.373.41%0.77Buy187.026M
00639 Fubon Securities Invstmt Trust Co Szse 100 12.491.54%0.19Buy3.282M
00640L Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Topix Leveraged 2x Idx 28.342.38%0.66Buy1.652M
00645 Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Topix Index 24.161.17%0.28Buy136.000K
00647L Yuanta Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd Daily S&p 500 Bull 2x 35.052.49%0.85Buy17.000K
00650L Fuh Hwa Securities Investment Tst Daily Hang Seng Leveraged 2x Etf 42.443.51%1.44Strong Buy151.000K
00652 Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Nifty 24.080.63%0.15Strong Buy240.000K
00653L Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Nifty 2x 31.781.96%0.61Strong Buy608.000K
00655L Cathay Secs Inv Tr Co Ltd Ftse China A50 Daily Lev 2x Etf 45.703.04%1.35Buy21.071M
00657 Cathay Secs Inv Tr Co Ltd Nikkei 225 Currency Hdg 28.881.33%0.38Buy109.000K
00657K Cathay Secs Inv Trust Co Ltd 00657k Tt 9.861.02%0.10Buy170.100K
00658L Cathay Secs Inv Tr Co Ltd Ftse Japan Daily Leveraged 2x 41.933.02%1.23Buy630.000K
00662 Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Nasdaq 100 27.810.87%0.24Strong Buy22.000K
00663L Cathay Secs Inv Tr Co Ltd Taiex Daily 2x Etf 36.460.28%0.10Buy883.000K
00665L Fubon Securities Invstmt Trust Co Hs H Lev Index L2xi 41.723.27%1.32Strong Buy1.974M
00668K Cathay Secs Inv Trust Co Ltd 00668k Tt 9.120.77%0.07Buy160.100K
00670L Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Nasdaq 100 2x Leveraged Index Etf Twd 32.512.98%0.94Strong Buy343.000K
00675L Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Fubon Taiex Daily 2x Etf 15.830.25%0.04Buy657.000K
00685L Capital Inv Trust Corp Capital Taiek Dly 2x Twd 13.820.22%0.03Buy356.000K
00690 Mega Inv Trust Corporation Mega Taiwan Blue Chip 30 22.44-0.18%-0.04Buy2.111M
00692 Fubon Securities Invstmt Trust Co Corporate Govn 100 Etf Twd 22.230.41%0.09Buy926.000K
00700 Fubon Asset Management Co Ltd Fubon Hang Sheng H-Shr Etf 23.601.99%0.46Strong Buy175.000K
00701 Cathay Secs Inv Trust Co Ltd Cathay Tip Taiex+ Low Vol 30 21.500.19%0.04Buy974.000K
00703 Taishin Secs Inv Trust Co Ltd Taishin Msci China Etf 23.480.86%0.20Strong Buy620.000K
00704L Taishin Secs Inv Trust Co Ltd Taishin Msci Taiwan Daily Lev 2x Etf 22.440.27%0.06Buy211.000K
008201 Boci Prudential Asset Mgmt Ltd W.i.s.e. Sse 50 China Tracker 111.901.27%1.40Buy7.200K
01004T Fubon No.2 Reit No.2 Real Estate Investment Trust Twd10 11.73-0.17%-0.02Buy3.000K8.543B30.680.38Financials
01007T Cathay No.2 Reit No.2 Real Estate Investment Trust Twd10 13.490.15%0.02Buy39.000K9.691BFinancials
1201 Wei Chuan Food Corp 24.800.61%0.15Buy9.596M11.513B-0.326552.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
1434 Formosa Taffeta Co 32.750.15%0.05Strong Buy746.000K54.836B12.992.519371.00Consumer Cyclicals
1471 Solytech Enterprise Corporation 9.377.45%0.65Buy8.082M1.183B-2.115300.00Industrials
1529 Luxe Co. Ltd. 4.20-4.33%-0.19Strong Buy234.000K2.923B-0.1142.00Industrials
1540 Roundtop Machinery Industry 19.509.86%1.75Strong Buy7.937M1.380B21.290.76117.00Industrials
1723 China Steel Chemical Corp 138.500.73%1.00Buy2.555M31.034B26.814.90154.00Basic Materials
1773 Shiny Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd. 92.602.89%2.60Buy944.000K13.005B15.225.76288.00Basic Materials
1808 Run Long Construction Co Ltd 47.604.96%2.25Buy3.758M10.588B22.762.33113.00Financials
2049 Hiwin Technologies Corp 369.004.98%17.50Buy7.975M96.654B41.168.403701.00Industrials
2107 Formosan Rubber Group 16.400.92%0.15Buy932.000K6.156B16.660.97222.00Consumer Cyclicals
2207 Hotai Motor Co 372.001.09%4.00Buy194.000K201.813B19.5718.893930.00Consumer Cyclicals
2239 Cayman Engley Industrial Co. Ltd. 167.00-0.60%-1.00Buy140.000K18.370B20.388.41Consumer Cyclicals
2311 Advanced Semiconductor Engineering 41.95-0.83%-0.35Buy16.280M366.434B15.443.0866711.00Technology
2323 Cmc Magnetics Corp 4.829.55%0.42Buy92.391M7.872B-1.074380.00Technology
2330 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing 266.001.72%4.50Buy33.356M6625.212B19.2613.2746968.00Technology
2342 Mosel Vitelic Inc 21.159.02%1.75Buy999.000K1.428B-0.36740.00Energy
2349 Ritek Corp 5.259.83%0.47Buy29.909M8.269B-1.275900.00Technology
2353 Acer Inc 29.80-7.45%-2.40Buy342.773M90.142B-1.317967.00Technology
2365 Kye System Corp 11.409.62%1.00Buy7.882M2.606B-0.632654.00Technology
2379 Realtek Semiconductor Corp 121.000.00%0.00Buy3.734M60.021B18.486.492774.00Technology
2387 Sunrex Technology 18.055.25%0.90Buy3.542M3.792B8.691.9913546.00Technology
2395 Advantech Co Ltd 237.000.00%0.00Buy569.000K165.197B27.948.536454.00Technology
2399 Biostar Microtec Intl 17.20-0.86%-0.15Buy24.694M2.814B24.990.63553.00Technology
2425 Chaintech Technology Corporation 18.45-0.54%-0.10Buy1.467M2.060B366.310.05285.00Technology
2433 Huxen Corporation 45.100.11%0.05Buy33.000K6.517B12.203.70506.00Industrials
2441 Greatek Electronics Inc 54.600.00%0.00Buy1.021M30.661B12.644.322450.00Technology
2465 Leadtek Research 24.90-3.11%-0.80Buy16.567M1.254B-0.30297.00Technology
2468 Fortune Information Systems Corp 14.003.70%0.50Buy3.043M860.523M20.910.59421.00Consumer Cyclicals
2486 I-Chiun Precision Industry Co 12.302.50%0.30Buy5.544M2.368B-0.762425.00Technology
2527 Hung Ching Development & Constr 26.15-0.57%-0.15Buy423.000K7.109B-0.07125.00Financials
2535 Da-Cin Construction Co 18.650.54%0.10Buy277.000K4.311B8.312.77714.00Industrials
2536 Hong Pu Real Estate Development Co 22.95-0.22%-0.05Strong Buy334.000K7.588B-0.2739.00Financials
2542 Highwealth Construction Corp 44.954.41%1.90Buy8.281M49.990B17.412.46647.00Financials
2546 Kedge Construction Co 22.85-0.22%-0.05Buy159.000K2.402B9.032.51364.00Industrials
2731 Lion Travel Service Co Ltd 132.001.15%1.50Buy780.000K9.275B23.145.742210.00Consumer Cyclicals
2739 My Humble House Hospitality Mgmt Co 42.500.35%0.15Strong Buy127.000K4.684B31.211.351549.00Consumer Cyclicals
2809 King's Town Bank 42.00-0.47%-0.20Buy1.109M48.582B8.814.79960.00Financials
2834 Taiwan Business Bank 8.80-0.68%-0.06Buy16.805M54.348B9.330.954949.00Financials
2836 Bank Of Kaohsiung Ltd 9.770.00%0.00Buy1.271M9.812B12.660.78975.00Financials
2838 Union Bank Of Taiwan 9.55-0.31%-0.03Strong Buy1.331M35.003B9.481.013975.00Financials
2850 Shinkong Insurance Co 29.750.85%0.25Buy700.000K9.226B8.143.591682.00Financials
2856 Masterlink Securities 8.990.00%0.00Buy3.415M14.301B46.240.191943.00Financials
2880 Hua Nan Financial Holdings Co 17.400.00%0.00Buy6.170M192.762B14.261.2210130.00Financials
2881A Fubon Financial Hldg Co Ltd 64.300.16%0.10Strong Buy121.000K590.051B10.545.1240711.00Financials
2887 Taishin Financial Hldgs Co Ltd 14.75-0.34%-0.05Buy10.645M174.344B13.821.078173.00Financials
2887E Taishin Financial Hldgs Co Ltd 53.200.19%0.10Strong Buy236.000K174.344B13.821.078173.00Financials
2889 Waterland Financial Holdings 10.150.00%0.00Buy6.926M27.811B13.890.721521.00Financials
2892 First Financial Holding Co Ltd 20.000.00%0.00Buy12.762M244.939B13.041.549038.00Financials
2897 O-Bank Co Ltd 9.150.33%0.03Buy4.308M21.741B16.850.531440.00Financials
2903 Far Eastern Department Stores Ltd 15.70-0.32%-0.05Buy2.356M22.033B17.430.9010183.00Consumer Cyclicals
3055 Spirox Corp 32.60-1.21%-0.40Buy2.701M3.105B43.960.69243.00Industrials
3130 104 Corp 177.000.00%0.00Buy27.000K5.811B19.708.962405.00Industrials
3257 Champion Microelectronic Corp 56.70-0.87%-0.50Buy2.431M3.608B43.271.2167.00Technology
3413 Foxsemicon Integrated Technology In 279.502.19%6.00Buy10.174M19.609B18.8413.32720.00Technology
3443 Global Unichip Corp. 340.000.89%3.00Buy9.246M41.075B64.644.76481.00Technology
3532 Formosa Sumco Technology Corp 140.00-2.10%-3.00Buy14.235M100.841B57.592.26957.00Technology
4557 Yusin Holding Corp 73.600.00%0.00Buy48.000K2.510B11.346.51Consumer Cyclicals
4938 Pegatron Corporation 78.000.78%0.60Buy10.733M202.103B11.966.52177948.00Technology
5880 Taiwan Cooperative Financial Hldgs 17.350.00%0.00Buy10.826M212.327B14.341.218974.00Financials
6112 Sysage Technology 31.450.00%0.00Strong Buy128.000K3.160B12.282.57263.00Technology
6115 I-Sheng Electric Wire & Cable Co 45.600.00%0.00Buy58.000K8.576B14.313.253281.00Industrials
6152 Prime Electronics&satellitics Inc 9.220.22%0.02Buy137.000K1.543B-0.165048.00Technology
6183 Trade-Van Information 35.651.86%0.65Strong Buy204.000K5.152B20.181.71376.00Technology
6189 Promate Electronic Co 29.50-0.67%-0.20Buy316.000K5.192B13.422.19544.00Technology
6196 Marketech International Corp 41.700.60%0.25Buy4.490M7.235B12.613.561571.00Technology
6215 Aurotek Corp 25.609.87%2.30Buy9.072M1.921B21.231.10310.00Industrials
6505 Formosa Petrochemical Corporation 122.501.66%2.00Buy2.693M1152.641B14.468.376507.00Energy
8454 Momo Com Inc 235.502.39%5.50Buy219.000K31.963B26.348.541774.00Consumer Cyclicals
910322 Tingyi(cayman Islands)hldg Corp 31.75-1.55%-0.50Buy9.000K362.906B45.390.7078678.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
9912 Associated Technology China Inc 8.710.81%0.07Buy314.000K441.448M224.790.0466.00Technology
9930 Chc Resources Corporation 60.600.00%0.00Buy67.000K13.670B19.523.11430.00Basic Materials
9958 Century Iron & Steel Industrial 41.605.45%2.15Strong Buy2.506M6.937B118.650.32152.00Industrials
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