Publishing & Social Tools. Get a social network for traders on your site in just a few clicks!

Grab TradingView’s top-notch publishing and social tools for your site. The integration is so smooth that your visitors won’t know that these are widgets, and not native functionality of your site. They will get our famous charting with the PUBLISH IDEA button.

In the idea stream you can show only ideas published on your site or ideas from TradingView as well. You can even embed our awesome chat!

Integration Examples

Below are different widgets and implementation examples. Scroll down to find
options for widgets and the embed codes.

Need help?

You can use our Publishing & Social Tools to achieve various goals — from adding a real-time stream of ideas to building an entire social network just like TradingView. If you have any questions on how to integrate the widgets, definitely reach out to us.

Ideas Stream

You can choose which ideas to stream: for a particular symbol, ideas of a specific user, or the suggested ideas for all markets from all users. You can also only display ideas created only on your site!


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Idea Preview

Website visitors don’t need to leave your site to check out an idea or to leave a comment.

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Chat Widget

Our popular chats speak for themselves.


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TradingView’s Published Ideas RSS feed

The RSS feed allows you to get streaming information about published trading ideas on TradingView in HTML format. It’s in text form with a <content:encoded> tag. It’s located at By default (without any parameters specified) the feed provides the Suggested Ideas (hand-picked by our editors) stream. Use the feeds sorting capabilities to get specific data that’s different from the default feed. Any combination of parameters supplied below as examples should work.


Get ideas for a particular symbol, eg, AAPL


Get ideas published by a specific user, eg, Tim West


Get the entire idea stream for a particular market: stocks|indices|commodities|currencies|bitcoin
Stocks only -
Stocks and Commodities -

Sort & time

recent shows all ideas. trending shows only Trending ideas.