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The core concept behind the script is the determination of the current market mood in sense of creating a trendline indicator using EMA / SMA.

By using this trend indication alongside RSI / MACD value range, we are able to enter/exit the market in both directions: LONG and SHORT.
In case of confirmed false signals, we try to catch up the next good opportunity to minimise loss and to close the current trade.

If the chance for a good countertrade is given at this point, the market is going to be entered reversely.
Should the market move incredibly fast against our trade direction, we use proven Stop-loss targets, to bring our children into safety.

As many others, we could tell you now, that we used state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms
as well as highly sophisticated methods to gain our results.
As a fact, we started with an idea, using simple and common trading tools/indicators,
as a solid ground. We did not want to reinvent the wheel and it paid off.

The algorithm we are using has initially been created with a self-developed backtesting software.
To be able to deliver gas to our engine, we have bought a huge amount of OHLCV data for the 1min chart.
After many exhausting and frustrating weeks of our workflow-rotation (develop, fail, fix, test, repeat)
we finally got confirmation for all of our conditions/expectations, so we translated our algorithm into pine-code.

Since we have been using our Pine-Strategy alongside our backtesting software, we checked all the results provided by TradingView
and our tool to be 100% sure every outcome, every entry and every exit is exactly the same.
We did this for several months and since 2021 June we have been using it with real Alerts, coped to our binance account.

Below, you will find how the performance for the previous months looked like (every trade was made with 100% of the capital, of course using proper stop loss and take profit):

September 2020: 15.18%
October 2020: 36.17%
November 2020: 15.12%
December 2020: 48.58%
January 2021: 150.10%
February 2021: 45.96%
March 2021: 46.48%
April 2021: 4.96%
May 2021: 43.48%
June 2021: -28.99%
Juli 2021: 15.63%
August 2021 (so far): 11.57%

Accumulated Profit: 1,979.01%

To prove our results, we will link an excel sheet for every trade that was made within this timerange.

We are two good friends, both incredibly interested in mathematics, software engineering, AI and algorithmics. After getting introduced into the crypto space
by a common friend, we started figuring out that there is a pattern behind every big or small move which happens in an asset.
This is where the passion for creating a CRYPTO TRADING BOT began. It was our goal, to create this script for the 1min Timeframe, so the software can react quickly when a
big or small move is happening - this is why it is called a SCALPING SCRIPT.
We are incredibly proud of this script and would like to share it with this amazing community - just hit us up on TradingView!
Release Notes: Author's Description updated.
Release Notes: Author's description updated.
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