Intraday tool by Abhi

this indicator with the following values!

Previous day Open, High, Low & Close Prices
Today CPR Levles
Today Camarilla Levels
First 5 Minutes Candle High & Low

Today Open Price

All of you know the CPR & CAMARILLA levels will work as a Major Support & Resistances

If you are using CAMARILLA levels L3 & H3 are the major SUPPORT & RESISTANCES

If you are using CPR then the CPR , TC & BC are the major level to use !

Today's open price is very very important that, at which level the market opened either SUPPORT level (or) at RESISTANCE level


► If the open price nearer (or) at L3 it will try to reach H3 (or) atleast (H3+L3/2)
► If the open price nearer (or) at H3 it will try to reach L3 (or) atleast (H3+L3/2)

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