Magic Levels for Daily Overnight Trading

However the Arrows will give you a clear hint where market is trending in intraday.
Release Notes: Updated version
bug free

and an Arrow at first candle of the day to point to the direction of movement.
Release Notes: Description:

TWT_MAGIC indicator is specifically designed to trade on NSE/BSE stocks
TWT_MAGIC indicator is useful to take overnight positions and book profit on next day.

How to Take Trade:

If there is a GREEN Arrow at 3:25PM candlestick then enter BUY position
If there is a RED Arrow at 3:25PM candlestick then enter SELL position
If there is a No Arrow at 3:25PM candlestick then do not take any trade

Trade need to be taken anytime between 3:25PM to 3:30 PM IST .
Release Notes: This Script will generate BUY and SELL Signals at 15:15 hours on a 5 Minute CandleStick Chart.

SL : VWAP Line
Exit time : Early Morning between 09:15 to 09:20 IST

Green Arrow Above 15:15 Candle : BUY TODAY SELL TOMRROW
RedArrow Below15:15 Candle : SELL TODAY BUY TOMRROW
No Signal: No valid conditions met.

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