NimblrTA Basic

The indicator is a basic implementation of NimblrTA

It includes the following indicators

1) Strength Candle Identification
Body height/Candle height ration > 50% indicates candle is unidirectional and has strength

On a 5 minutes chart, 2 strength candles form a breakout
When combined with CCI 34 30 crossing 100 along with strength candles for Breakout with momentum and entries can be made with CCI 8 5 < -135

2 strength candes at the bottom form bottom confirmation
2 strength candes at the bottom forop of the chart indicates a top confirmation

2) Parabolic Sar
pSAR gives the earliest signal for reversal, if the pSAR changes it's trend it indicates that the reversal is in progress

pSAR indicates CCI 34 5 mins crossing 60 / -60

3) Zig Zag Indication

The ZIgzag indicator helps you identify the waves and overlaps.
These are used to identify Binet's formation, HH, HL, LL and LH.

4) Multi Time Frame
In NimblrTA we primarily use:

CCI 8 5min is used for timing Entry and Exits.

If CCI 8 is lesser than -135 we Enter Buy Trades.
If CCI 8 is greater than +135 we Enter Sell Trades.

CCI 34 30min (Red) is used to ascertain Direction of Trade.

If CCI 34 30min (Red) is greater than +100, the trade must be a Buy Trade.
If CCI 34 30min (Red) is lesser than -100, the trade must be a Sell Trade.

CCI 34 5 mins is used to assess the power of the breakout
CCI 34 5 mins is used to assess reversals and pullbacks

For MTF use
MTF CCI_8_34_5m_30min

Release Notes: //@version=4

study("NimblrTA Basic", "NimblrTA Basic", true, format.price)

myLabel =, low,, textcolor=color.white,

// Set or change the label's text
label.set_text(myLabel, "Indicator is now discontinued and is replaced by TinyIC,\n Please contact the author krishnakhanna for details.")

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