Fixed Reference Ratio Charts (RSWarriors(R))

A Ratio Chart, for analysis with any benchmark. This is the open source version of the earlier, Fixed Ref. Ratio indicator. This is the version that will be maintained in the future.

Plots a ratio of the symbol to benchmark. Plots, all time high ratios (orange bubbles), Increasing ratios (blue bubbles).

Detailed write up will be added in subsequent updates.
Release Notes:
  • New ARS Date - 16 - Feb - 2021
Release Notes: Fixed a bug/error. Now resumed possibility to change colors of plots from style section. Refer code for smaBubble. No other change.
Open-source script

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sir can u make a indicator ( in line chart )where we can compare strength of all rs strong stocks just like we do on but here we can compare only 3 peer stocks. but i want to plot all rs strong stocks in single window so that i can compare strength for intraday purpose and swing .
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foeoknun Chandan18
@Chandan18, use 40-60 RSI as per vishal malkan strategy for swing or intraday. it will help you. if need more info. go to YouTube
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@foeoknun, This indicator has nothing to do with RSI.
bharatTrader Chandan18
@Chandan18, Pinescript is not designed for such tasks. You should use some screener softwares like chartink or trendlyne
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Colour Spot meaning in rs ?
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Great sir, nice person, nice work, made the rs journey so simple, solute you sir
Great Niranjanji Thank you
sir ji can you give option to change style colors?
bharatTrader bhaavinashar
@bhaavinashar, It was a bug in pine code. Fixed now.