ADR% / ATR / LoD dist. Table

Displays the following values in a table in the upper right corner of the chart:

  • ADR%: Average daily range (in percent).
  • ATR: Average true range (hidden by default).
  • LoD dist.: Distance of current price to low of the day as a percentage of ATR.

All values are calculated based on daily bars, no matter what time frame you are currently viewing. Doesn't work for time frames >1D, which is why the table is not shown on weekly/monthly charts.

Credit to MikeC / TheScrutiniser and GlinckEastwoot for ADR% formula
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Thanks for this, it's exactly what I was looking for.
Been looking for this exact script for so long. Thankyou.
how do you view the ATR value?
ArmerSchlucker mightyduck19
@mightyduck19, It's hidden by default, there's an option to show it in the indicator settings (cogwheel symbol).