ADR% - Average Daily Range % by MikeC (AKA TheScrutiniser)

This applies a 'corrected' formula to the version created by alpine_trader (which is slightly off). It calculates the Average Daily Range (in percent) over the previous 20 periods and plots it in a chart.

I am grateful to GlinckEastwoot for the 'corrected' formula.
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Hi please how do i incorporate this script in my tradingview screener?
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Sammy70_ CaptainDuyi
@CaptainDuyi, did you find a way to use this ADR% in your screener? so we can filter stocks with it instead of having it on the chart?
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CaptainDuyi Sammy70_
@Sammy70_, No I didn’t I just use it on the charts, but if you find a way to screen for ADR directly please let me know. Thanks
TheScrutiniser CaptainDuyi
@CaptainDuyi, @Sammy70_, @CaptainDuyi, Sorry, just seen this. No, can't be used to screen.
CaptainDuyi TheScrutiniser
@TheScrutiniser, okay, is there anything you can do about it please?
I would also love to know how do I use this script for the stock screener
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@mezhoniss, Sorry, just seen this. No, can't be used to screen.
I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this. If the range is the difference between highs and lows, why are you dividing them?
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millerrh millerrh
I played around with it a bit and this seems to make more sense to me. Thoughts?
ADR% = (sma(((dhigh-dlow)/dclose), Length))*100
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mktraderz millerrh
@millerrh, "it is daily range %" not "% daily range in relation to close". Your formula will get different result if : low 50 high 75 close 60 = (75-50/60)*100 = 41%; But ADR = (75/50 - 1) *100 = 50%. We want 50%, as that is the "daily range in percent" for this example.