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Introduction to the Indicator " PIVOT EDGE - KATANA " . Katana means the sword in Japanese that the legendary samurai warriors used which was sharp , swift and strong to take on any opponent and gave an edge to win. This Indicator also has some of the unique features and hence it is aptly named so.

The Foundation layout for this indicator is based on PIVOT's which are nothing but the most important levels that the price has respected in the past. The values for the pivots are derived from the key attributes of the price in any timeframe such as the OPEN, HIGH, LOW and CLOSE. These define the mood of the price and where it intends to move in relation to the previous range formed. Earlier HIGH - LOW i.e the RANGE indicates the possible movement that a stock can make in the current session and as per the calculated pivots we can possible find out the tentative supports and resistances. In addition to this indicator, It is advisable to use the price action theory which helps in taking a right decision for entries.

This indicator by itself is complete in nature, i.e it guides the user for possible entry levels and the projected targets that we can achieve and also the likely stop loss limit in case the price reverses. So beforehand even before entering into a trade position, the user can ascertain what can be his loss or max profit and then he can chose an optimum position size for favorable results.

The beauty of this Indicator lies in the fact that it can be used for all types of trading like Scalping, Intra day, Swing or Positional and Investments also. It works on all timeframes and across all market segments like EQUITY, COMMODITIES , FUTURES , OPTIONS , FOREX etc.

This indicator can be used for any exchange and any time zone also without any changes or adjustments needed.

Now let us understand the features of this Indicator in detail.

TIMEFRAME - It has options to choose between Day, week and month as timeframe. By default it is set to Day timeframe

DISPLAY MAJOR LEVELS - These are the important support and resistance levels calculated based on the past price data. Most important ones are marked in BOLD RED and BOLD GREEN between which the price tends to move generally.
Apart from these, We have breakout level marked in light green and if price breaks this level we can expect targets upto extended levels and beyond marked in blue.
we also have breakdown level marked in light red and if price breaks this level we can expect targets down up to extended levels and below it marked in blue.

DISPLAY HIDDEN LEVELS - These levels are intermediate supports and resistances that can be used whenever the present day indicated range is very wide. Whenever we have an explosive moments in market the range of that day is very huge and so he next day support and resistance band becomes very wide indicating the sideways movement day within that range. And on those days we can switch on the hidden levels and the price respects these levels and most of the days it is inside this range only.

DISPLAY PREVIOUS HIGH / LOW / CLOSE - I have included Daily / Weekly levels. It is important to know the earlier highs / lows and close since price respects it very must just like support and resistance .

MID OF PEMA - This is an important EMA based indicator which potentially indicates curves of support and resistance during retracements or pullbacks. If the curve is breached then the trend is reversed and the price will tend to move to the next pivots . You can use this as trailing stop loss.

CPR - Central Pivot range, An Important tool for the CPR purists. I am using this particular CPR , TC , BC Band as a colored band indicating whether it is ascending or descending bias. The Band color is GREEB when the CPR is ascending up compared to yesterday and RED when is descending. By the width and narrowness of CPR you can ascertain the trading range and this information is available right after the market close so that you can plan your trades for tomorrow.

SENTIMETER LINE - Gives you a glimpse of the market sentiment at the pre open. Based on this you can know if there is a shift in the sentiment of Buyers / sellers and if price is accepted or rejected. This level acts as an important support / resistance level.

VWAP - Volume weighted average price , One of the widely used and maybe the only Indicator used on charts by most pro traders and big institutions. It gives you an Idea of the volumes that are getting traded in huge quantity and will act as a magnet attracting and also repelling price.

CANDLE MID POINT - This is small feature that's is very important but gets ignored because of lack of knowledge or awareness by traders. Most of the times the mid of the explosive or momentum candles becomes the last line of defense for Buyers / sellers and you can see the battle happening exactly at this point.

THE TURNING POINT - As the name suggests, most of the times price gets turned away from this because lot of fresh and unfilled orders are waiting to be executed at this level. So it becomes an important profit booking or fresh entry level

SCALPERS MAGIC CURVE - This is a high speed curve which has zero lag and very dynamic in nature which reacts quickly to the change in price. Go long when it is trending up and Blue in color, close trade when it turns orange and makes a U turn and vice versa. Most suited for scalpers who trade in 2 to 5 mins time frame. When you want to use this, switch off all other below parameters.

SMART RIBBON - The best and the new unique feature of this curve. As compared my other previous Indicators which had PEMA curve as the base for trend Identification, Here i am introducing this ribbon concept which is much faster reacting to the change in trend and gives you very early entry and also early exits so that you can get the maximum gains from the trend. In a way you can catch the fall right from the start till the end and exit at the end of the trend. Blue for uptrend and Orange for Downtrend.

MARKET BIAS INDICATOR - Again one more unique feature introduced in this Indicator. This feature will paint the chart background in Light blue for BUY ZONE And light yellow for SELL ZONE. You can look to BUY or SELL based on the background color and hence it prevents you from entering trade in wrong or opposite direction. You can avoid trade when there is too much crisscross of colors indicating sideways or range bound market.

BUY SELL TRIGGERS - This features is built on smart logic based on price action / Candle patterns / pivots and my trading experience. It colors the candle bars into LIME GREEN / PINK whenever Buying / Selling opportunities are seen. This is also paired with the alert system which can be used to set automatic sound and desktop notifications. Based on the type of account you hold in trading view you can set alerts for upto 400 stocks.

SMART CANDLE COLORING - If you don't want to do the work of finding the trend and looking for right entry location and exit levels, then you can simply use this feature which makes trading look so simple and easy. This is like an AUTO PILOT mode or CRUISE mode where it colors the candles in only BUY ZONE color ( LIME GREEN ) or SELL ZONE color ( PINK ). Take entry above the high of the first candle and be in the trade as long as you see the opposite color. When you want to use this feature, switch off the BUY SELL TRIGGER.

It is advised that you first learn how this indicator works by back testing historical data and also forward testing in live market by way of paper trading before you deploy real money.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This indicator does not guarantee any favorable results nor protect your from any loss. You own the complete risk of your trades. It is suggested that you use this indicator and do back testing for considerable period to understand how it works the the potential win rate it can give. If you have any doubts or need any clarifications of assistance in understanding, you can message me and I will try to help.

Happy and Safe trading - Mohan from PIVOT EDGE

Contact for getting access to this Indicator. Send a personal message on trading view or on my whatsapp no 9353160775
Release Notes: - The Market Bias Indicator definition is fine tuned to avoid false breakouts. This version keeps you in the right trend for max longer duration now.
- Minor tweaks in style settings
- Changed the Alert output signal names to match the trigger names
Release Notes: Scalpers Magic curve fine tuned for better and reliable signals for maximum duration avoiding small whipsaws.

Market Bias Indicator fine tuned for predicting the trend for longer duration thereby preventing and quick entries in wrong trend direction.

Other Signals fine tuned.

Alert conditions redefined for classic PIVOT BASED entry signals called BUY SELL SIGNALs and SMART CURVE based signals called SMART CANDLE SIGNALs

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Contact me for getting access to this Indicator. Send a personal message on trading view or on my whatsapp no 9353160775

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