Introduction to the Indicator " PIVOT EDGE - The complete trading setup - PRO+ "

The Foundation layout for this indicator is based on PIVOT's which are nothing but the most important levels that the price has respected in the past.The values for the pivots are derived from the key attributes of the price in any timeframe such as the OPEN, HIGH, LOW and CLOSE. These define the mood of the price and where it intends to move in relation to the previous range formed.Earlier HIGH - LOW i.e the RANGE indicates the possible movement that a stock can make in the current session and as per the calculated pivots we can possible find out the tentative supports and resistances. In addition to this indicator, It is advisable to use the price action theory which helps in taking a right decision for entries.

This indicator by itself is complete in nature, i.e it guides the user for possible entry levels and the projected targets that we can achieve and also the likely stop loss limit in case the price reverses. So beforehand even before entering into a trade position, the user can ascertain what can be his loss or max profit and then he can chose an optimum position size for favorable results.

The beauty of this Indicator lies in the fact that it can be used for all types of trading like Scalping, Intra day, Swing or Positional and Investments also. It works on all timeframes and across all market segments like EQUITY, COMMODITIES , FUTURES , OPTIONS , FOREX etc.

This indicator can be used for any exchange and any time zone also without any changes or adjustments needed.

Now let us understand the features of this Indicator in detail.

TIMEFRAME - It has options to choose between Day, week and month as timeframe. By default it is set to Day timeframe

DISPLAY MAJOR LEVELS - These are the important support and resistance levels calculated based on the past price data. Most important ones are marked in BOLD RED and BOLD GREEN between which the price tends to move generally.
Apart from these, We have breakout level marked in light green and if price breaks this level we can expect targets upto extended levels and beyond marked in blue.
we also have breakdown level marked in light red and if price breaks this level we can expect targets down up to extended levels and below it marked in blue.

In addition I have coded intermediate target levels that appear in light gray between the extended levels or blue lines. Sometimes when the gap between these targets are huge, price cannot reach the targets and reverses at these intermediate targets. You can use them as targets or trailing stop loss based on your plan

DISPLAY HIDDEN LEVELS - These levels are intermediate supports and resistances that can be used whenever the present day indicated range is very wide. Whenever we have an explosive moments in market the range of that day is very huge and so he next day support and resistance band becomes very wide indicating the sideways movement day within that range. And on those days we can switch on the hidden levels and the price respects these levels and most of the days it is inside this range only.

DISPLAY PREVIOUS HIGH / LOW / CLOSE - I have included Daily / Weekly and monthly levels. It is important to know the earlier highs / lows and close since price respects it very must just like support and resistance .

PEMA - This is an important EMA based indicator which potentially indicates curves of support and resistance during retracements or pullbacks. If the curves are breached then the trend is reversed and the price will tend to move to the next pivots .

VALUE AREA - One of the most important feature of this Indicator is this which is derived from the Volume profile concepts. It indicates the fair value area Indicated by orange band and the upper and lower limits indicated by orange lines. Whenever the price is overvalued or undervalued, it is pushed back to its fair value and we can judge the present price position in relation to the value area and then take position in anticipation of the price reaching its fair value area. This must be coupled with price action for favorable results.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This indicator does not guarantee any favorable results nor protect your from any loss. You own the complete risk of your trades. It is suggested that you use this indicator and do back testing for considerable period to understand how it works the the potential win rate it can give.
If you have any doubts or need any clarifications of assistance in understanding, you can message me and I will try to help.

Happy and Safe trading - Mohan from PIVOT EDGE

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