GOD code(intraday only)

///////////////////////////////GOD code(intraday only)///////////////////////////

for intraday signals only

does not REPAINT

feedback please

Release Notes:

/////////////////BASELINE added////////////////////
/////////////////JEDI FORCE arrows added////////////////////
moving averages keep changing with every new candle, so latest signals are affected, keep refreshing the screen to update the conditions.
Release Notes: automatic SUPPORT and RESISTANCE lines added
Release Notes: more improvement
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this script is repainting
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jvshk78 burakmertcan
@burakmertcan, depends on last candle closing, moving averages are affected by last candle value, its an inherent drawback.
@jvshk78, This is not the problem. 2-3 signals changed suddenly.
jvshk78 burakmertcan
@burakmertcan, need to see, if possible please give more info, images....
@jvshk78, I removed it from my chart. The sell signal was followed by the buy signal. But when I looked at the graph in the evening, the signals disappeared. Unfortunately, he misled me.