PriceCatch Trading System consists of two scripts. PriceCatch-Main and PriceCatch-Sub.
This is a long trades (buy trades) only system. No short signals are included in this system.

PriceCatch-Sub is a helper script that works in conjunction with the main script and is plotted on a separate pane.

This script plots Heikin-Ashi Candles on the Chart. By observing the price action on the main script and comparing the same with the Heikin-Ashi Candles plotted on the bottom pane, buy trades are taken. This script helps traders to enter, manage and exit trades as it removes noise generally associated with Japanese candles and should be used along with main script.

When the main script signals that an upward price movement is probable, then the Heikin-Ashi candles are observed and buy trades are initiated only when both the scripts give confirmation signals.

While using this script and before initiating a buy trade, Traders must observe for red Heikin-Ashi candles with upper wick that gets rejected at the Macro Wave for an entry signal.

For exits from a trade, Traders must observe the highs of the Heikin-Ashi candles. Whenever the close of current Heikin-Ashi candle is lower than the earlier candle and current high is less than previous high, then prepare for price slow down or slipping down. When the Heikin-Ashi candles begin to close inside the Blue (Macro Wave) buy trades are not taken.

Traders must use PriceCatch-Main along with this helper script PriceCatch-Sub in their trading strategy as they work in tandem to help you identify entries, manage your trades and plan your exits. Remember, that the main script is the one that does the heavy lifting.

The PriceCatch Trading System attempts to hide complexity and presents actionable signals in a clean manner that makes it easy for traders of all levels to understand and benefit from.

This is a comprehensive system and support is provided to help you learn and to use it effectively.

Use the link below or PM us for trial access to this System.

Thank you.
Release Notes: Removal of redundant code and obsolete features.
Release Notes: Script deprecated and obsolete.

PriceCatch Trading Strategy
Clean Charts. Clear Signals. Consistent Profits.
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