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This Indicator built based on the unique moving average parameters and daily range as well as smoothing signal.

This indicator has 4 time frame curve lines 5 Mins, 15 Mins, 30 Mins & 60 Mins and it named as mentioned below.

Curve lines
1. AX_MA 5 ( m1 )
2. AX_MA 15 ( m2 )
3. AX_MA 30 ( m3 )
4. AX_MA 60 (m4)

Straight lines
1. Daily range

I have back-tested this scripts on most of the instruments (equity, commodity & currency pairs). This indicator works like support/resistance if users know the sup/res concept one can mint the money easily.

How does it work?

As we all know the markets/scripts are not always in trending, many times it moves in a tight range one can easily find the reversals and retracements with this AX_MA indicator because it helps you see the clear reversal areas (you can call it as you like target, reversal or retracement)

How to trade?
Trading with AX_MA is very easy as it gives two different type of sup/res. first one is called daily range (two straight lines) sup/res and second one is curve sup/res zones. If smoothing signal crossed the curve lines signal will come and the users need to see the sup/res areas before open the trade.

Buy: When the Long signal came check the resistance areas (Daily range or Curve multi timeframe lines )if resistance is very near to the entry skip it or open and close the trade with small profit. If there is no resistance lines above the entry there price likely move up (almost all the time) so take the trade.

Sell: When the Short signal came check the support areas (Daily range or Curve multi timeframe lines ) if support is very near to the entry skip it or open and close the trade with small profit. If there is no support lines below the entry there price likely move down (almost all the time) so take the trade.

What markets does it work best?
Works on indices, Forex, and Commodities .
(Also sometimes works in Cryptos as well)

What's the best time frame to use?
I have tested under 5 mins it works well.

When trading with commodities always compare the local (Base country) chart with Global chart.
Ex.. MCX crude chart with USoil chart.
MCX LNG chart with Natural gas Currencycom chart
same goes to other tradable commodities instruments and Currency pairs.

Release Notes: Update details

Added smooth average band- It will helps you identify and predict the reversals please see the guide below.

1.Reversal on up side if higher band of the smooth average crossed over the curve line (not Lower band) and took U turn we can assume that price getting reverse.
2.Reversal on down side if lower band of the smooth average crossed under the curve line (not Higher band) and took U turn we can assume that price getting reverse.

How to get access?
Please click on the link in the signature or send me a private message to get access.
Release Notes: Modified Long and Short label.

Additional feature added:

Added Smooth average Shorter time frame (STF) and Larger time frame (LTF) lines.
If STF line crossed above LTF price will have chances move up and vice versa this will helps you to cut your losses too (If you're in wrong direction).
Release Notes: Added colored smooth average lines to better view.
Release Notes: Updated smooth average lines parameters
Release Notes: Added Show/Hide button for Daily range.

Added Smooth MTF band, Wait for the "Go Long" or "Go Short" signal and wait for the arrow (Up or Down) confirmation to take safe trade.
Release Notes: Added arrows for second confirmation
Release Notes: Tuned the trend identification parameters to improve the accuracy

Important Note:

This indicator used to trade in 5 Min time frame
Release Notes: Bug fixes
Release Notes: Tuned LTF Band
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