Sniper R

Sniper entry can be used on any time frame and is a continuous process of possible trend changing signals based on pure price action.

This script is a depiction of a change in trend and not a recommendation from the publisher. Do consult your financial advisor if you need to get into a trade. It is not a recommendation to trade and needs to be used as a reference along with other analysis that you may already be doing currently.

Sniper entry is a graphical expression in terms of a trend change based on price action only. You may want to combine this with other indicators to bring out best results as per need.

Sniper entry can be used on a multi time frame and is not limited to one trading day and can continue into the next day to depict a change in trend.

Note: This is not a recommendation of a buy or a sell but a study of most recent trends depending on time frame selected. Please do contact your financial advisor before placing the trade.

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