Educational Strategy : TRIPLE DRAG-ON SYSTEM V.1

The Triple Dragon System is a technical trading strategy that uses a combination of three different indicators to identify potential buy and sell signals in the market. The three indicators used in this strategy are the Extended Price Volume Trend (EPVT), the Donchian Channels, and the Parabolic SAR. Each of these indicators provides different types of information about the market, and by combining them, we can create a more comprehensive trading system.

The EPVT is used to identify potential trend changes and measure the strength of a trend. The Donchian Channels are used to identify the direction of the trend, while the Parabolic SAR is used to provide additional confirmation of trend changes and help determine potential entry and exit points.

In this strategy, we first use the EPVT and Donchian Channels to identify the direction of the trend. When the EPVT is above its baseline and the price is above the upper Donchian Channel, it suggests an uptrend. Conversely, when the EPVT is below its baseline and the price is below the lower Donchian Channel, it suggests a downtrend.

Once we have identified the trend direction, we use the Parabolic SAR to help determine potential entry and exit points. When the Parabolic SAR is below the price and flips to above the price, it suggests a potential buy signal. Conversely, when the Parabolic SAR is above the price and flips to below the price, it suggests a potential sell signal.

To further refine our trading signals, we use multiple timeframes to confirm the trend direction and ensure that we are not entering the market during a period of high volatility. We also use multiple take-profit levels to lock in profits and manage risk.

Overall, the Triple Dragon System is a comprehensive technical trading strategy that combines multiple indicators to provide clear entry and exit signals. By using a combination of trend-following and momentum indicators, we can identify potential trading opportunities while minimizing risk. Please note that this strategy is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice.
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