Pecunia Screener

Pecunia Screener
The screener is specifically built on trend-based algorithms. When certain parameters set by us in the script are fulfilled the indicator displays the symbol of momentum stocks.
The screener screens the momentum stocks & displays the stocks to trade-in at the chosen time frame.

Color Notations:
By default, the screened stocks will be displayed in a blue color box.

1) Displays the momentum stocks to trade-in
2) Covers the Equity market
3) You can add/remove stocks from the screener as per your convenience by going to the settings of the screener indicator

Before you proceed:
We are not SEBI Registered Analysts and shall not be culpable for any loss incurred directly or indirectly. Our indicator is no holy grail system thus investment in the stock market is a subject of market risk. Investment in stocks, futures , and options trading is not suitable for every trader and involves a considerable risk of loss.
The market may fluctuate, and the user always has a risk of loss, thus, we won’t be liable for any losses incurred while using our indicator, our trading ideas, or our approach.
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