RSI overbought and oversold are visible with red and green lines at the tip
Crossing of RSI and EMI is used to enter the trade for a quick scalp
Trend colours are used to see if the current market is bullish or bearish for a particular coin

look for the candle to close below EMA 5 (offset 2) on 15min chart, RSI below EMA (use trend color for confirmation)
look for the candle to close above EMA 5 (offset 2) on 15min chart, RSI above EMA (use trend color for confirmation)
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I'd like to use this indicator. Can you grand me access?
How to get access? Thanks!
grrr_ypto dheerajsood
@dheerajsood, send a DM to @cryptowhitewalk on twitter
he'll provide you the settings, i've given you free access for 1 week