The M Score - Ultimate v5.0

The M Score - Ultimate v5.0

*Introducing M score version 5.0*
Additions to the indicator:
1. 200 EMA Band ( High-Low ) added
2. Bottom left table - Shows All Time High/Lows (52 weeks) and % away we are from both. The values will not change in this table even if you change the timeframe.
3. Bottom center table - Performance matrix and a quick glance comparison with Nifty with different days of return. This will show if there outperformance or underperformance in the scripts and in which duration.
4. Top Right table - This indicator plots a table off to the right of the chart to help with determining timeframe continuity. A great edge is only taking trades where full timeframe continuity is in place (i.e. if you are going long, make sure other timeframes are also green).
Green candles have green colored boxes, red candles have red colored boxes.
Inside bars are represented by a circle - ⬤
Outside bars are represented by a tall rectangle - ▮
2-up bars are indicated by an up arrow - ▲
2-down bars are indicated by a down arrow - ▼

User defined options:
Pick any timeframe for the 4 boxes

Hope you will will like the efforts.

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