3 MA Trend Indicator

It is a trend detector indicator, using 3 moving averages.
You can select different MA's and set the periods of them. If all 3 is increasing, the color will be green, if decreasing, the color will be red, gray otherwise.
It can be used for e.g. scalping.
Release Notes:
  • You can now use ALMA as moving average.
  • It measures slope and angle of each moving averages, you can see these values in the data window.
  • You can filter by angle further, which means, it will mark as trend, if the angle of the line is greater then the specified value.
Release Notes:
  • Code cleanups: use function for the ma selector
  • Different MA algorythms can be choosen for each line
  • You can specify a ratio for angle calculation
Release Notes:
  • Fixed data window plots
  • Added ability to select resolution
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