Range support and resistance

Welcome all
This script specially is for Kunal Saraogi Senani Traders and beginners.
With this script you can find support and resistance for input range on any time-frame chart.
You need not draw line by own. You just input your desired range and this script will do your work automatically.
You can adjust range according to your choice.
Also have an option to select range source which help you to find support and resistance on the basis of close price or high/low of input range. Default range source is close price.
Latest support and resistance value labels also display on the chart.
To use this script, add to favorite and apply on chart.
Feel free to comment your suggestions.
Thanks all
Release Notes: Added option to show ATR (default value 10 period)
so that one can have better understanding of volatility and where to put stop loss.
please comment.
Release Notes: .
Release Notes: .
Release Notes: ATR label location set
Release Notes: For better visibility of range, highlighted background is added for better understanding of support and resistance.

highlighted background color can be change from setting.
Release Notes: New label position for better visibility.
Release Notes: Fill between range (support and resistance) fixed
Release Notes: Some minor changes for better experience.
Release Notes: Hello all
1. chart background is red when price below support
2. chart background is green when price above resistance
3. all numbers formatted to #.##
3. range fill with color (between support and resistance)
all modification will help to identify trend and direction of trade.

Thank you
Release Notes: Minor fixes and improvements.
Release Notes: Hello all
1. One EMA is added
2. Price label become green when price is above resistance, red when below support, yellow when between support and resistance.
3. ATR is also shown on the chart to measure volatility.
Release Notes: Hello all,
new look and feel, new update brings ----
1. price line and label on chart. color is green when price is above resistance, red when below support and blue when between support and resistance.
2. Daily 20, 50, 100, 200 Exponential averages on intraday charts.
2. ATR label.
3. fix of lines disappear on some charts.
4. chart backgrounder color is green when price is above resistance, red when below support.
5. one EMA line on chart for trend identification.
and many more things.
feel free to comment for any doubt.
Release Notes: Dear All
Update brings new and advance feature.
code is shorten for fast processing.
Logic of trade is buy when close above high range and sell when close below low range, (first check high time frame range too)
Thanks all for appreciation.
Release Notes: Hello All
- in implemented
- fix with display lower high and lower low.
Release Notes: Hello all
new update brings elegant look and bug fixes.
Release Notes: Hello friends
1. now you can select time-frame from settings to show different time-frame support and resistance on different charts.
2. see time-frame with resistance and support on the chart.
Like R(60) S(60), R(D) S(D) etc.
Release Notes: Hello All
- Improvements
- show / hide price label and lines
- price label and line color green when price above resistance, color is red when price is below support otherwise black.
- extend support and resistance lines.
Release Notes: Hello All
Updated to latest version 5
Release Notes: Hello All
Added option to on/off Fill between Support and Resistance
Release Notes: Hello all
some fix and improvements.
Release Notes: Hello all, Happy New Year
1. Different values to set range/pivot support and resistance. Default value is 15-8
2. Previous support and resistance lines can be draw on chart.
3. Some other improvements.
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