VertLine on Moon

he sixth Mount type is the Lunarian, so named from the fact that the portion of the hand by which they are identified is the Mount of Luna or, as it is more commonly designated, the Mount of the Moon.

As single signs or in combination, the star, triangle, circle, single vertical line, square, or trident strengthen the Mount of the Moon.

Grilles, crosses, cross-bars, islands, dots, or badly formed stars indicate defects of the Mount, either of health or character.
Color, nails, and other matters detailed in the course of this chapter will determine which (119). The mount of the Moon must be judged both by the strength of its curve outwardly on the percussion of the hand and by the size of the pad it forms on the inside of the palm. If it is seen forming a decided bulge outwardly, call it a well developed Mount (120); if in addition it is exceedingly thick, forming a large pad on the inside of the hand, it must be regarded as a very strong Mount (121); and it the outward protuberance and the thick pad are both unusually large, you have an excessive Lunarian subject (122). In this type vertical lines on the Mount add strength to it and cross lines show defects. If you see a strong vertical line extending the length or nearly so of the Mount, it will indicate and added strength, and a number of vertical lines if lying close together will also increase its power. These lines on a Mount developed at the side, but flat in the palm, will be nearly as powerful as if the Mount showed a medium development inside the palm. If the outward development and the large pad in the palm is seen, which has also a deep, well-cut vertical line or lines, it will show an excessively developed Lunarian reaching to the danger-point of the type.
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