OBV with 100 EMA to ride a rally

Guys add this indicator to your trading setup and Long when OBV crosses up 100 EMA and vice versa, use this on higher time frames(H4 and above) for more reliability.
Don't blindly go with this alone. Use additional setups like trend lines and moving averages.
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i would love to know why this indicator don't have anymore love? it is awesome stuff, really. mainly if used on daily timeframe
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Great job, thx
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Hi Venky95,

Awesome creation, can we use this one with HMA and specifically for intraday!
venkys03 RanjitUlhe
@RanjitUlhe, not recommended. OBV is not a good idea for intraday. I suggest to use CPR indicator along with price action.
Thank you very much
Hi. Quick question. What advantages/disadvantages would there be to using a 200ema vs a 100ema, or even a 50? Many thanks in advance
@glhyne, 200 ema on the obv can be used to identify whether a 200 ema breakout on the price is legitimate or not. If both price and obv cross 200 ema at the same time, then you can make the trade. Try to backtest, this pattern is not so significant on the 100, but still, try to backtest on 100 ema and tell me the results
venkys03 glhyne
@glhyne, its better to go with either 100 EMA or 100 SMA. Also 50 EMA/MA can give false signals. 200 EMA/MA is lagging much.
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Excellent indicator Venky .... Thank you