OH2B Take Profit Indicator

OH2B Trading Indicator

The Take-Profit Indicator gives you exit points for taking profits based on the Average Directional Index and Relative Strength Index .
It also gives you possible swing-high and swing-low in a trend.

The OH2B Trading Indicator is an indicator that gives you entry points for BUY and SELL based on Trend Channel and Ema-Crossover.

Both indicators work better in tandem with the best result.

Trading with Both Indicators

Orange Zone: Wait for the next signal from OH2B Trading Indicator.

The OH2B Trading Indicator gives you entry points for BUY or SELL.

When the ema1 crosses above ema2, the trend channel will be painted GREEN in color, and a BUY signal will appear. = BUY

When the ema1 crosses below ema2, the trend channel will be painted RED in color, and a SELL signal will appear. = SELL

When a BUY or SELL signal appears on the chart, don't rush into any trade.
Please allow a few hours for confirmation of signals.

To take profit, please follow the Take-Profit Indicator at the bottom.

RED dots are the Take-Profit targets for the BUY (long) signal
GREEN dots are the Take-Profit targets for the SELL (short) signal

*After taking profit, please set a Stoploss to at least break-even level to protect your profits.

When the price enters the Orange Zone again, you may close your trade and wait for the next signal.

If you like to keep your positions at Orange Zone, please remember to set a stop-loss alert when an opposite signal pops up on the chart.

Often the price goes to the Trendline after the signal, so keep some funds to increase the position or even open all position near the Trendline, or use it for re-enter with SL after you closed position on TPs .
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OH2B TRADING INDICATOR is built for beginners to trade with a high profitability rate.

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