Crazy Signals - Early Detection of a Short Term Trend

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This is a simple yet powerful tool that helps you detect Trends for the short term.

Time Frames:
- Avoid using very small time frames as there will be too many signals in a short period
- Intraday: 15 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins seem to detect trends well
- Overnight Trades: 60 mins
- Positional: 1D is recommended
- For Investment, one can week a weekly timeframe

Rules of Engagement:

1. The Upward Arrow (Green) indicates possible upside. While the Downward Arrow ( Orange ) indicates a possible downside
2. Not every Signal has to be traded. Rules to check before taking a trade:
a. The candle on which the Signal is generated, should be either small or medium size compared to other candles on the chart. If the candle is large, ignore it
b. In case of a Buy Signal, entry should be made once the Price crosses above the High made on the Signal Candle
c. In case of a Sell Signal, entry should be made once the Price crosses below the Low made on the Signal Candle
d. For extra caution, in steps b & c, one can wait for the current candle to close higher than the High of Signal Candle for Buy Signal and close lower than the Low of Signal Candle (this is for extra safe traders)

This tool is to be used for trades that usually last for a few candles.
Please do your own research before trading.
Release Notes:

Identification of possible Buy or Sell opportunities by the system remains the same.

New Feature Risky Identification:
There is now a functionality of identifying less risky signals.
You would now see bigger arrows when a less risky move is identified.

By default, you would see both big and small arrows.
You can turn this off in the setting. When you do that all arrows will now be small in size.

*It is advised that you do your independent risk assessment before taking any trading positions*

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