Volume Delta Divergence

This script will show the bid and ask volume of each candle. TVC:USOIL
The green bar is Ask Volume and Red Bar is Bid Volume .
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how TV doesnt have tick data so how are you getting this, its not possible
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hello sir , can you share the code of the script , i would like to add to some more tools i have code , in trying to develop my own strategy and adding delta div is a plus. my email. linuxx5046@gmail.com , i dont share . thanks a lot
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Здравствуйте! Где почитать подробнее откуда поступают данные для построения дельты? Из таблицы обезличенных сделок или из каких-либо других источников?
ELIKOR Rose202020
@Rose202020, Нашли? тоже интересно
This is not volume delta, it's just regular volume but displayed differently. Compare to regular volume and you'll see it's the same, don't waste your time.
I've noticed this indicator to be noticeably, completely inaccurate on many candles. Often there is clear buy or sell pressure that isn't registered.
Hello sir! Could you pls share with me the code of your brilliant script(it seems to be your delta is the best of all TV,i failed to find better one as i looked all of them), because without this most important component, i cant make my dream strategy come true. I tried to figure out the formula to make my own, but as i am new at pine scripting my calculation is not as accurate as yours. I guarantee that it wouldnt be published anywhere.
me sirve mucho gracias
dutta.anupam.02 kracken_trader
@kracken_trader, Thank you
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