FX Market Sessions

Release Notes:
  • 1分足ではエラーになるので、3分足以上を有効とするよう変更しました
  • 色をいくつか追加しました
Release Notes: - Added a feature "Show New High/Low of Its Sessions?"

Release Notes:
  • Added a feature "Selecting the Rectangle Line Style".
  • Changed: "New High/Low Backgrounds is changed to works on realtime only".
Release Notes:
  • Changed the fixed session times and labels to input
  • Added Fibonacci lines
  • Removed a switch of realtime, always painting in realtime
Release Notes:
  • Added Opening Range option.
  • Removed New High/Low Background colors option.
  • Removed Fibonacci lines option.

    This Opening Range High and Low is calculated at 30 minutes from the market started.
Release Notes: Modified what drawing lines was not well.
Release Notes:
  • Added an option that set color of each sessions.
  • Added the alerts when session is started and ended.
  • And added some options.
Release Notes: Using ``
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
  • Added an option "Opening range's lookback periods"
  • Added alerts "Opening range breakout" (and Its visualization).
Release Notes: Modified (added `max_bars_back` in study funcsion)
Release Notes:
  • Added an option "Extends Forwards"
  • Added an option "Show history"
  • Removed an option "Background colors". If you want no background, set the "Background opacity" to 100.

Example 1
When the "Extends Forwards" is checked.
(and in this case "Show history" is always unchecked.)

Example 2
When the "Show history" is unchecked.
Release Notes: Changed the default settings.
  • The "Extends forwards" is unchecked on default.
Release Notes:
  • Changed to be able to set "Extends" for each section
  • And you can choice "Extends" or "Extends + End line"
  • Removed an option "Show History"
  • Added an option "Opening Range Line Style"
  • Could be displayed on 1 min TF

The blue one is that selected "Extends + End line".
The red one is that selected "Extends".
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