Hindenburg Omen - Clean

The Hindenburg Omen, is market breadth signal that marks when a critical set of market factors that can create the necessary conditions for a stock market crash.
Based on Technical Breadth Indicators of the NYSE, a broad equity market index.
More information on the conditions of the Hindenburg Omen can be found here,

Please use at your own discretion.

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study("Hindenburg Omen",shorttitle="HOmen",overlay=true)
//Count of Advancing Issues

//Count of Unchanged Issues

//Count of Declining Issues
DEC=security("QUANDL:URC/NYSE_DEC", "D",close)

//Count of Issues Hitting 52Week Highs
NEWH=security("QUANDL:URC/NYSE_52W_HI", "D",close)

//Count of Issues Hitting 52Week Lows
NEWL=security("QUANDL:URC/NYSE_52W_LO", "D",close)

//Total Number of Issues

//NYSE Index Value
INDEX=security("NYA", "D",close)

//McClelland Oscillator
MA1=ema(RANA,19), MA2=ema(RANA,39)

//Condition 1: % of Issues of hitting New 52W highs and 52W lows is greater than or equal to 2.8%.
COND1= ( (NEWH/TOTAL)>=.028
        and (NEWL/TOTAL)>=.028)?1:na
//Condition 2: Index is higher or equal in value than when it was 50 days ago.

//Condition 3: McClelland Oscillator must be negative.

//Condition 4: The ratio of New 52W Highs to New 52W Lows cannot exceed 2

//Hindenburg Condition
//All four conditions are met
HOmen= (ALL4==4?true:false)

//Plots the Hindenburg Signal above bar
plotshape((ALL4==4?highest(high,30) * 1.00250 :na), style= shape.triangledown, location= location.absolute, color=black,text='Hindenburg\nOmen')

//Hindenburg Omen Signal Period of 30 days
bgcolor(test == 1 ? maroon : na, transp=80)