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Trendorithm Prime is a toolkit made up of several different innovative indicators, designed by our team of developers. Get access now and create your own, unique trading strategies using our - all in one algorithm.

Our algorithm works in any market and focuses on finding the direction of the trends and remove noise from the price, for smooth understanding of the market.

Extra Confirmation

Using binomial distribution, the past values are processed to interpret the direction of trend.
After that, the signals are triggered based the volatility of the market,which is derived from the averages of candle size. All of these signals were optimised for each timeframe using timeframe multiplier.

Setting a lesser value on quotient adjusts the lookback length and volatility conditions, thus producing more number of signals that supports scalping trades. Higher the number in quotient, the frequency of trades reduce which helps the trader to hold trades for longer time.
Our Confirmation Signals helps to analyze the direction of trends for all markets and all timeframes, it boosts Trader’s confidence prior taking trades.

We made our Confirmation Signals flexible in order to suit any kind of trading style.
By adjusting the Quotient value in the settings, Traders can control the frequency of signals generated easily.

The Confirmation Signals includes a special type of signal called "Prime" which includes candle coloring to see the strength of the trend.

Our Candle-system is designed in 3 different colorings.

  • Green ( Bullish )
  • Red ( Bearish )
  • Purple (possible reversal or the possible formation of a new trend)

Trendo Cloud

The power of moving averages is always ultimate. This cloud made up of multiple moving averages acts as a dynamic support and resistance. The color and width of the cloud is used to find potential entry and exit points for trades.
Trend Catcher and Trend Chaser

The trend catcher is a trend-following indicator moves close to the price that aims to estimate the recent trend of price. It indicates green in uptrend and red in case of a downtrend.
The trend chaser is similar to the previous Trend Catcher, but it aims to chase long-term trends.
They are specially calculated from the highs and lows of price. Acts as a filter for confirmation signals and provides clarity for the direction of trend.
All of these functionalities tend to help users understand the market conditions as trending or ranging.

If you are using this script, you acknowledge that past performances are not indicative of future results and that there are a lot of factors required that go into being a profitable trader.

You can see the Author’s instructions below to get access to this prime indicator.
Release Notes:
Trendorithm Prime v2.2
- Added Dashboard which showcases the State of the market, the Volatility, Volume and current Session.
- Added new Beta version of Confirmation Candle Coloring which is an enhanced version of existing candle coloring
- Added Gradient Candle Coloring which showcases trends in depth, and gives a earlier direction of a trend or possible reversal based on the colors.
- Added 3 new Candle Modes:
  • Yumi Ashi (Enhanced Heikin Ashi with a smoother calculation and coloring to help determine the direction better)
  • Ishi Ashi (Indicates the Price Range)
  • Yosuku Ashi (Helps to identify the reversal points of each candle based on volatility)
Release Notes:
Bug fixes on Beta version of Confirmation candle coloring

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