Bank Nifty Buy Sell Indicators

Buy sell strategy based on pivot levels. Use 30 Min charts for greater results.
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How to use this ?
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vemaji vemaji
@vemaji, waste ra vema.. veedu 30 mins time frame antunnadu .. dhoola theeripoddhi ani na feeling.. trend might change ..
@vemaji, bro niku telsina vi emina unnaya banknifty ki

any update on the code
and it is working on the trade view as the code is version 3, need to migrate to versions, cheked it is working for versons 3 in the trade view, mee dheghara enka eminay unnaya banknifty ki --- you can ping me on what 7989960648
does it repaint?
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this strategy works best on 1 or 2 hours timeframe
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Vare naes