Standard Deviations Levels

This indicator helps to find standard deviation levels for any FnO stocks. Use these levels for intraday timeframes(5M/15M).

How to use:

Indicator Settings, Configure below values
1. Volatility: Volatility of stocks/index, find that using traderscockpit or nse website.
2. Close: Last week closing price of the stock.


1. Find how prices are taking/rejecting at support/resistance
2. Levels acts like supports and resistance.

Added nifty chart for reference.
- Volatility (Annual Futures Volatality) : 22.52 (For dated on 2021-10-22)
- Close Price: 18114.9

Note: You need to update Volatility and closing price every week for next week trading levels. And also do some backtesting with these levels.

- If anyone wants to use Gann levels, can uncomment levels from GANN LEVELS Section(Line no 52 to 68 ) in the code.
- You can also change period to daily as 1 and closing price would be previous day close.

- The view expressed here is my personal view
- Past performance is not a guarantee for future predictions
- Use this for educational purpose
- Any decision you take, you need to take responsibility for the same
- It's your hard earned money. Treat it wisely
- Trade / Invest keeping in mind your trading style, goals and objectives, time horizon & risk tolerance
- if trading in F&O, understand that F&O trading involves risk
- Do take proper risk management measures
- Do your own analysis and consult your financial adviser if need be
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