TSI in Dynamic Zones with Divergence and Pivot Points

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True Strength Index , or TSI is considered a "leading indicator" - in contrast to a "lagging indicator" just as Moving Averages it does not show a confirmation what already happened, but it shows what can happen in the future. For example: The chart is climbing while the TSI oscillator is slowly declining, gets weaker and weaker, maybe even prints bearish divergences? That means that a reversal might be occurring soon. Leading indicators are best paired with Stop and Resistance Lines, General Trendlines , Fib Retracements etc. Your chart is approaching a very important Resistance Trendline but the TSI shows a very positive signal? That means there is a high probability that the Resistance is going to be pushed through and becomes Support in the future.

What are those circles?
-These are Divergences. Red for Regular-Bearish. Orange for Hidden-Bearish. Green for Regular-Bullish. Aqua for Hidden-Bullish.

What are those triangles?
- These are Pivots . They show when the TSI oscillator might reverse, this is important to know because many times the price action follows this move.

What are these blue or orange areas?
- Those are dynamic zones. For the analysis of the TSI its important to know if the indicator is in a state of oversold or overbought to filter out ranging price movement. Normally those zones are static, in this version of the TSI oscillator dynamic zones were added to show a dynamic calculation whether the TSI oscillator is oversold, overbought or ranging.

Please keep in mind that this indicator is a tool and not a strategy, do not blindly trade signals, do your own research first! Use this indicator in conjunction with other indicators to get multiple confirmations.
Release Notes:
Better visible Zones
Release Notes:
Quite a big update. Cosmetic changes. Added an Kuma Cloud Implied Volatility Indicator that helps to identify market bottoms and market tops. Also added a Bollinger Band Percentage Indicator to have another layer of confirmation when the market is in a state of overbought or oversold
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
Small update. Added an little trend continuation signals for people that prefer to trade alongside a given trend, its calculated by crosses above/under the 0-line. Also modified the BB-% Indicator so that it shows squeezes. Added a small Money Flow indicator.
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