money mining indicator with buy sell

This is Money Mining indicator with buy sell along with SL and Target.

This is Advanced version of Super Scalper indicator.

This is combination of Multi EMA's , MACDs & RSI with different parameters and logic. Buy and Sell signal generated on certain calculations.

How to trade : use any timeframe and any candlestick when signal generated wait for the candle to close and then take trade. Signal appeared on candle based on some calculation so wait for full candle to formed and once candle close then go for trade.

Buy symbol paints below the candle and sell symbol paints above the candle.

You can set your Take Profit target also in the indicator and when your target achieved it will appeared as LongTP for Buy trade profit and ShortTP for sell trade profit.

This is has STOPLOSS feature also so that you can set your SL and trade. If SL is hit on Buy trade then alert will triggered as LONGSL and if SL hit on Sell trade then alert will triggered as SHORTSL.

This can be used with ALGO to ease the trading.

Always start with small target and then go for big one by trailing your profit. This is not Holi grail indicator which always gives profit but if use this indicator with consistency your portfolio will give good return.

Use proper money management for any trade.
Go for paper trade and observe how indicator behave and once satisfied then take real trade.

This is invite only script, please DM me for access.
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