WW buy/sell

Green and Red Triangles tell the overall trend
buy/sell are pretty obvious, what they do

the way i use it is:
long (buy) 50% of your position size when we have buy and then long (buy) another 50% when i get the green triangle
short (sell) 50% of your position size when we have sell and then short (sell) another 50% when i get the red triangle

also, i look at my RSI indicator to confirm the entry and exits
RSI is above green line and indicator says buy, it's a safe long
RSI is below green line and indicator says sell, it's a safe short

won't be able to describe much as the more you use it, more you get used to it
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Can I get free trial before I subscribe...Thanks
Sir can I get an access,please?
Want to try your Work, seems good looking, please let me have access.
Can I get access to the indicator for trying your model?
Would love to try this out :)
# Can I get an access please?
hi,can i try this ?
Can I access plz?
@sw-jin, done bro
4 days free access, after that $20 a month for this indicator and discord bot to notify us buy/sell for different coins
Can I get test access please?