DEMA Crossover Strategy_01_SAR

This is used to do trade based on golden cross and death cross. It uses SAR .
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Would it be possible to show the calculation you use for the 50 DEMA?? I would be very thankful. Have a good weekend
I tested it on BTCUSD and quite some cryptocurrencies, seems to work quite well. I assumed that this is just using the crosses of the 20 and 50 DEMAs. However, while the 20 seems to be really a DEMA, the 50 is using some other MA or indicator. What is it?
saranathanr pastet89
@pastet89, it is DEMA only, but is taking instead of price , it is taking the 20 DEMA, to calculate
pastet89 saranathanr
@saranathanr, Thanks for the information, I might try it. So far I found that it yields better results using the Fibonacci 21/55 numbers instead of 20/50.
martinlukeaof saranathanr
@saranathanr, Hi!

First of all, thank you for creating this script. However I am also seeing the same issue. I can see that the 20 seems to really be a DEMA, but the 50 is slightly different than a 50 DEMA.

You said that instead of being based on price, it is using the 20 DEMA to calculate. But when you calculate a 50 DEMA using 20 DEMA as the source it is much much slower moving than the 50 DEMA you use.

Can you please double check what it's using? Or explain a little deeper? I would be very grateful