TheQuantBot: High Probability Dynamic Target 3.0

This is the first indicator of TheQuantBot series. This is purely for educational purpose and this indicator might get modified in future as well. This is for intraday purpose and works on BANKNIFTY .

Trading Logic behind this indicator:
It it based on price action and considers support and resistance for entry and exit points.
If the support is broken then it enters long whereas if the resistance is broken it enters short.
The long and short entries are filtered by two other technical indicators like EMAs.
It will not take a trade if the market is highly volatile.
In input parameters you can set your risk taking ability based on which it sets the risk: reward ratio.
The default quantity entered in this indicator is 1 with initial capital set to 100000.
If you consider Indian discount brokers, you can buy 50 quantity at the same price, you can increase the quantity to check results with different scenarios.
In input parameters there are three options to set Stop Loss, you can set Auto SL, Manual SL with and without Trailing option, you can set Stop Loss both in points as well as percentage.
The profit target are dynamic in nature and it depends on the market volatility .
You can play around the back test start and end date to see its historical performance over different span of time.
This results are based on back tested data, in real scenario many other factors might differ the results.

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