Time and Sales

This scrip mimics time and sales window displaying tick by tick data coming from the exchange.

It only works when the market is open. And it does not store historical data.

  • Red color when the last price was higher than the new price.
  • Gray when both were same.
  • Green when new price is higher than last price.

Please note that I have tested this in India NSE Market Only. If you find anything buggy let me know in the comments, I will try to update it.
Release Notes: Minor FIx
Release Notes: Minor Fix 2
Release Notes: Added 2 Filter Options
Release Notes: Added options to show speed and total number of ticks
Release Notes: Added an option to show highest volume, it's price and time
Release Notes: Note: Any change in the inputs or timeframe will reset the table

New Features:
  • Option to show the filters table separately
  • Option to highlight filters and highest volume on the chart.
  • A small speed visualization bar
Release Notes: The Highest Volume Row and the Separate Filters table now store the colors as well.
Release Notes: Added an option to color the highlights based on colors in the table
Release Notes: updated the Chart in the display
Release Notes: Added an option to show a horizontal line with a label for highest volume
Release Notes: Display Chart Updated
Release Notes: Chart and Name Update.
Release Notes:
  • Increased Row limit to 100
  • Added an option to show lines and labels for Separated Filters

Please note that the filters labels can overlap and can be hard to read

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