HeikinAshiPatternBuySell EMA 9 and 12

Select Heikin Ashi candle pattern and use this indicator for buy or sell signals. Also, EMA 9 and 12 cross over added for better indication of trend. Select 15 mins and 30 for more appropriate signals.
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Can you make a strategy for it? To see the past performance?
Reply edward_Z
@ZME, I will look for past 3 candles, if they are in descending order ( sell candle -1 should be less then sell candle -2) then check for EMA lines they should be wide enough to give a fall. vice-versa for buy signal. I use this indicator for my intraday trading. I will double confirm the signals by checking candles in 15 mins chart and 30 mins chart. If there is a high volatility in stock, i will check for 5 mins chart. For me, it works best for BANK NIFTY intraday. I will publish some idea's when time permits.
Hey, Can you allow access plz?
Reply somanianands
@somanianands, indicator access is public.. do you need code access?
somanianands, yes, like to see if possible
Reply somanianands
@somanianands, I have just posted it. let me see how it works for few more days. then i will think of posting code to public. As of now, i am not thinking of sharing to anyone.