Liquidity Channel with B/S

Indicator - Liquidity Level
Which calculates the liquidity levels based on the highest high and lowest low of the specified period. It determines the middle line, upper line, and lower line of the liquidity channel. The liquidity level is the average of the upper and lower lines, and the liquidity level distance is half of the difference between the upper and lower lines.
Here, the code determines if the conditions for overbought and oversold signals are met. It compares the current closing price with the previous opening price to determine the color of the bar (red or green). If the conditions are met and the bar color matches the expected direction (red for overbought and green for oversold), the respective signals are triggered.
The code plots buy and sell signals on the chart using shape labels. It displays "Buy" labels below the bars for buy signals and "Sell" labels above the bars for sell signals. Additionally, it colors the bars in gray. The code also sets up alert conditions to send notifications when buy or sell signals occur.
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