Trading Assist by Prakash Gaba CFTe

Trading Assist Indicator

Hi Traders

I am Prakash Gaba a Certified Financial Technician an International bench mark certification from International Federation of Technical Analyst

I am self-taught and I have been trading Markets since over 20 years and over a period of time I have developed a rule based Intraday Trading Method where you buy on signal and you sell on signal only when it meets your setup criteria.

The indicator also has a trailing stop and stays in the trade until you get stopped out

The Indicator is designed and developed on 9 algorithms that works in the background to search for an ideal Buy/ Sell signal to assist you in Trading

Automated colour coded Clear Buy/Sell Signals on the Charts

Automated visual Trailing stop loss levels on the charts

Automated visual colour coded while in trade mode

Risk Reward Ratio 1:2

Please note this is not a Holy Grail Trading method but a discretionary Trading Method coded to assist the Trader in trading Intraday any instrument/markets in the world
This is a premium invite only indicator, you may send me a Direct message to get access or call me on 9322210907.
The Indicator is constantly in development mode and all future updates would be at no additional charge

Trade Management

Trade Entry - The indicator generates either a buy or a sell signal. Once a condition is identified - the relevant alert is shown on screen and by using TRADINGVIEW'S alert function

Order Execution - Order has to be executed by the Trader at the open of the next bar following the signal generation bar. Trade is in motion from the start of the next bar keeping the initial risk as under the Signal bar

Profit Target - 1:2 or Visual Trailing Stop loss

Trade Management

After a buy order is executed the first thing the trader has to do is to place the stop loss order below the low of the signal bar

After the market moves in your direction by 1R it is advisable to move your stop loss to Cost and continue with the trade until you get 2R Profit or you are stopped out at the trailing stop

A trader could consider booking partial profits at 2R and continue with the balance quantity at 3R profit or exit at your discretion

Please be advised to remove any stop loss orders in the system after you exit the Trade

Guidelines on use of the Indicator

The ideal time frame for Index, Commodities & Forex trading signal generation is 5 mins – it is also observed that 15 mins signals are also robust


I am Certified Financial Technician and also a SEBI Registered Analyst and shall not be liable for any profit, loss or liability resulting, directly or indirectly from the use and results of the Indicator.

I am a self-taught trader and the indicator based on my Trading Rule Methodology is the result of my over 20 years of price action analysis, I do not claim that this is the best strategy that can fetch you better returns than any other strategies. The Indicator is a lagging indicator and it follows the price action, price goes up because people buy and price comes down because people sell and my Indicator has no way of knowing that in advance. Trading is a game of probability and not certainties and stop losses do get hit as well.

This is a Premium Invite only scrip

You may send me a DM or mail me on or call me on 9322210907 if you wish to gain access to the indicator

Invite-only script

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Author's instructions

This is a Premium Invite only scrip You may send me a DM or mail me on or call me on 9322210907 if you wish to gain access to the indicator

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