C-Multi TimeFrame RSI V1.0

C-Multi TimeFrame RSI V1.0 shows multi time frame RSI signals. It indicates color based on 21EMA on RSI and the RSI values.
RSI is above 75 - Black (Over Bought)
RSI is between 61 and 75, additionally if RSI is greater than 21 EMA on RSI , it shows Green. otherwise it shows gray
RIS is between 61 and 38, No indication
RSI is between 38 and 25, additionally if RSI is less than 21 EMA on RSI , it shows Red. otherwise it shows gray
RSI is below 25 - Black (Over Sold)

By Default the Indicator shows,
5 Minutes RSI on top, 15 Minutes, 1 Hour and 4 Hours RSI interpretation subsequently.

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