Multiple EMAs

A Simple multiple EMAs
Release Notes: Some pleasing colors
Release Notes:
  • Turned off EMA5 by default and bolded EMA4
Release Notes:
  • Default turn off show deviations
  • Handle label refresh issue
Release Notes:
  • Added offset parameter
  • Reshuffled input box
  • Added tooltips
Release Notes:
  • Added Pocket Pivot labels
Pocket Pivot concepts are well documented on the internet.
Release Notes:
  • Default Pocket Pivot Off
Release Notes:
  • Pocket pivot only on green candles
Release Notes:
  • Updated Pocket Pivot
  • Changed default color of EMA2
Now, it is possible to only consider volume of down days for seeing positive volume action on current bar. Also, by setting grace% to 0, it is possible to exclude "tight pricing" around the pivot point length.
Release Notes:
  • Cosmetic changes to mark Pocket Pivots
Colour change, possible to hide the text "Pocket Pivot"
Release Notes:
  • Version 5
  • Fixed Timeframe EMA
Convert to version 5 of pine script
Fixed Timeframe EMA
Possible to add one EMA of a different timeframe than the current selected on the main chart. This helps in scenarios, when one wishes to say place a stop loss of lower timeframe (say daily) when observing the weekly charts and so on.
Release Notes:
  • Added tight close
  • Cosmetic fix for fixed EMA input

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